Thursday, March 19, 2009


This morning I dropped off Jared and Kamryn to play with their friends Josh and Leah. While they played I went over to Julianne's and we worked on invites for New Beginnings. When we were done with that I went back to the Hammonds and we walked over to the park together and had a picnic and played outside. It was great weather although it could have been a little warmer.
After we got back from the park Justin came home from school with Mackenzie and Hillary, 2 YW his age in our ward. It was fun to hang out with them for a little bit.
then I ran to Walmart for chips to go with dinner and picked up some craft stuff for a school project Brooke was working on. When I got home the kids went with me to deliver a birthday present to my friend leslie. After we got back Kamryn was having fun running around the house and ringing the doorbell and after we let her in she would go out the sliding door and go ring the doorbell again.
Unfortunately, the 3rd time she did this she fell.
This is what her face looked like after she had a bath and i got her cleaned up. It's so sad. She looks like she got in a fight.
I went to book club tonight at Tess' house. We had a great discussion about the book, "Undiscovered Country" and we also had some heated discussions about visiting teaching. i love book club and talking with these ladies. We all talked about how book club is a sacred night and we don't miss it if at all possible.


Janice said...

Oh, my face hurts looking at it.

The Martin Family said...

Poor Kamryn! I hate when little kids fall and get hurt. Get well soon!