Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

Our family loves GREEN
its everyone's favorite color
except for Kamryn - her's is blue
but her 2nd favorite is GREEN
So we just love St Patrick's Day
Since it was on Sunday this year 
we were all dressed up for the event
We even got the boys new ties
Since we were all dressed up
I wanted a family picture
Luckily everyone was good sports about it
due to Paul's busy sunday schedule
we had about a 5 minute window where we could take the picture
All the photos below are us messing around
waiting for Paul to get back.

All I thought about was getting this family photo but we did have other fun on St Patricks Day.  The kids figured a leprechaun came to our house while we were at church and left them some lucky charms and little presents. Then we had an all green dinner (sorry no photos).

Friday, March 08, 2013

National Cereal Day

yesterday I heard on the radio that it was 
National Cereal Day
who knew there was such a thing
but of course we celebrated it at our house
Our family eats A LOT of cereal
every morning for breakfast
and many times its 
what everyone eats for dinner
So last night we stopped at the store and let everyone pick out
their favorite sugar cereal
cuz we don't normally have those at home

see what sugar does to these boys

Kamryn was so happy to finally get some of her favorite cereal - CORN POPS

jared with one of his favorites - TRIX

Taylor chowing down on one of his favorites - COOKIE CRISP

And Paul with one of his favorites - Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Better Time Spent

My laptop is SO SLOW!!!  It about drives me crazy sometimes.  I feel like I waste so much time when I try to do things on my computer.  Lately I have my phone or the ipad there too so I can multi-task and not feel like I am wasting so much time.  Frequently I resort to playing solitaire on my phone to pass the time while I wait for my computer.
The other day the new Ensign came in the mail and I set it down on the table by my computer.  Later when I was doing something on the computer I noticed the cover of the Ensign and one of the article titles caught my eye (Raising Resilient Children) and so I opened it up and read the article, while waiting for my computer.  I had discovered something so great - read the Ensign while waiting for my computer.  It was great - during the last few days I've read thru the whole Ensign.  Unfortunately I can't remember the last time I'd read the whole Ensign.  It was so great and such a better way to use my time while waiting for my computer.
Now the only bad thing about this is I mentioned this to Paul and he said "I guess I don't need to get you a new computer then do I?"