Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving GetAway

watching cartoons at the airport at 5:00 am
waiting for our flight to San Diego at 6:00 am

tired but excited for our little family getaway
to San Diego
over the Thanksgiving break

First thing we did was head to Sea World.
Here we're at the Shamu show and
Justin and Jared are ducking from all the
attacking birds

only photo at Sea world of all the kids

made a stop at the
Mormon Battalion Visitors Center
in Old Town.
Taylor got to be a part of the show when
they dressed him like a soldier in the battalion

took Jared and Kamryn
to LegoLand
(the older kids went on an Old Town Trolley tour of SanDiego)

going in to see a 4D Lego movie

riding the Lego reindeer

Justin is quite the photographer these days
this is at a military cementary on PtLoma

Kamryn and Paul at the tide pools

Paul and Jared at the tide pools

our only family photo during the trip
at the tide pools on Pt Loma

love this temple

our version of the turkey bowl
was held at Carlsbad Beach

Justin and Jared

these 2 had a blast playing in the waves

Paul is CRAZY
out in the surf
in November

Brooke enjoying the beach

Jared at the San Diego Mission

Kamryn at the San Diego Mission

It was such a great trip for our family to be able to get away over the holiday. One benefit of Paul traveling a lot is all the points he racks up. We were able to all fly to San Diego for free. Our family dynamic is going to be changing so much over the next 2 years while Justin is gone on a mission and Brooke heads off to college that we wanted to take this one last trip just our little family. We all had loved heading off to sunnier and warmer San Diego for a few days. It was great to eat out on Thanksgiving :) And fun to explore and hang out together.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Check out this store

welcome to Jared and Kamryn's store
They put this all together on Saturday
while we were all downstairs watching the Utah game

it was very clever
they had different sections
Kamryn is in front of the parents section in the above photo

This was the family section

Jared was the cashier, using LIFE money.
They gave each of us money so we could go shopping.
it was so fun to shop and buy back my own stuff.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We did it!

My friend, Jenny Martin, and I have been exercising early in the morning since Sept. We go just after 6:00 am most mornings but have always missed a day or two each week. We were running outside until Nov when it got just too cold and now we've been going over to the rec center and using the treadmills and sometimes other cardio equipment. We've also done some weights and added in a workout routine of crunches, leg lifts, arm circles, plank, push-ups, etc. Well, for the first time we made it to work out all 5 days this week! We did it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"The universe is against us"

Everything has gone really well with getting Justin ready for his mission - up to yesterday. And not that it was anything terrible - the day just didn't go well. We were out on what was supposed to be our last day of errands and nothing went right. We went to get one pair of pants from his suit hemmed and we got to the place and the pants weren't with the rest of the suit. Then we went to buy the last few pair of garments he needs and they were totally out of stock of the tops he likes. Then we had to deal with a little snafu with Paul's dad where his piano got sold twice to 2 different people. At this point Justin says "the universe is against us today and we better go home."

Monday, November 14, 2011

"30 days left" or is it "30 days to go"

The kids with Justin last night

A month from today is when Justin goes in the MTC. It is going to fly by way too fast!
As his mom I am having serious issues with this whole mission thing. It is the right thing to do and what I want him to go but at the same time I don't know how I am going to survive him being gone for 2 years! 2 years is a LONG time!!
We've been spending a lot of time together, especially more the last couple of weeks while we've been getting him ready to go. So that of course makes it even harder. We were out shopping today and he just makes me laugh and he's pretty chill to hang out with. He's helpful but at the same time still pretty obnoxious :) I'm really going to miss him - A LOT!!!
We are almost done with getting everything for his mission. When I have all the info gathered I'll post how much it takes to get a missionary ready to go out - and I'm just talking about the financial side of it. It takes a lot spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sillie Millie party

Last Friday Jared and Kamryn were invited to a sillie millie party. Millie is a friend from their school class. There was no school on Friday and Millie's mom wanted to do something fun with friends so they had a silly party.
She told the kids to dress silly. And boy, did Jared and Kamryn get into that! They spent over 30 minutes getting dressed and changing and adding to their outfits. I think they had as much fun gettting ready for the party as the party itself.

At the party they breakfast food for lunch and played silly games. I think we'll have to do a repeat of this party sometime.

Monday, November 07, 2011

So Sweet

This morning Jared was up very early and busy in the kitchen. He came in my room and said "come in the kitchen mom." When I walked in he said "surprise!" He was standing by the table and had made me oatmeal and toast for breakfast (with just a little help from Brooke). He was so excited. It was so cute.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Justin at 19

Justin's 19th birthday has been pretty low key so far. We're stretching out the celebrating for several days. On his actual birthday i took him to lunch at this quaint little restaurant right by our house. We're still trying to find a time that our whole family will be together to give him some presents. Hopefully tomorrow after church.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday to Justin

Justin Paul Adams
born 19 years ago today

He was such a cute little boy

its been fun going down memory lane
finding these pictures

at 18 months
he was in a childhood study
that's why he has that big number taped on his clothes

his best friend and sister, Brooke

This is Justin at 1.
(I had these all in age order but when I loaded them up they got all messed up.)

super boy

in our backyard in Tucson

Justin loved to play dollhouse

for his 5th birthday we went to chuck e cheese
I think this is his 3 yr old picture
(no dates on any of these pictures)

doing summer homework books in the basement

6th birthday

1st time he hiked haystack mountain with his dad

Justin's 7th birthday

all dressed up for my brother's wedding

Justin was baptized on his 8th birthday

what a handsome young man


He started wearing glasses in 4th grade

birthday tradition - breakfast in bed with your favorite sugar cereal

Justin his 4th grade class play
he played Mr Rogers

at Harry Potter Cub Country

10th birthday
at the special birthday desk
in 4th grade

he can be pretty silly sometimes

he loves to play soccer
and has played since he was 5

hanging out at our house in Phoenix

very first time he played risk and he won!

11th birthday

Arrow of Light ceremony

hiking in Phoenix desert

Happy birthday to my oldest child. He's been an easy one to parent (most of the time). He's a good example to his siblings and cousins. He's made good choices in his life. He's funny and SOOOOOOOO talented. We are going to miss him SOOOOOOOOOOO much but are also so proud of him. I love you!