Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ogden Temple

My family and Susan's family invited my dad to join most of us in going to the Ogden Temple open house.  We all took the FrontRunner up there which made the journey more fun.
Justin, Jadon and Jaxon didn't get to come with us because they were at a Utah football game.
It was a great day and I always love the opportunity to take my family inside the temple.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The State of Utah

Jared and Kamryn are in 4th grade -which means they are studying our state this year.  The first big project they've had to do was making a salt dough map of the state.  They were worried about getting it done and asked every day if we could make the salt dough.  When we finally had a free night we made the salt dough and they rolled out their state.  They did a great job on the project and they turned out great.

Kamryn at school with her finished project

Jared with his finished project

A Rainy Night

Normally I'm a pretty fair weather fan so I don't know what possessed me to go to the Utah game in the rain!  It turned out to be pretty fun - it was an adventure.  We were prepared and stayed dry for the most part.  We found out we're lucky we sit on the east side - we sit up high by the wall and are blocked from the wind pretty much.  We weren't too cold,except for Justin at the end of the game, his teeth were chattering.  It was crazy to look around and see some people without any rain gear and they were just soaking wet.
Now about the game - it started out awesome - 21-0 at the end of the first quarter with some exciting big plays. By the end it just STANK - we lost by one point 27-28.  We sat through the rain for that??

the 2 guys in the red utah ponchos were so annoying
they stood up almost the whole game right in front of us
why couldn't they go down a few rows where everybody was standing

Jadon and Kyson were also at the game
in awesome seats on the 50 yard line

Friday, September 26, 2014

My awesome volunteer gig

This is the 2nd season my sister, Susan, and I have been ushering at Pioneer Theater Company.  Our aunt Sandy got us into it.  Initially she had me come train so I could sub for her.  But I liked it so much I wanted my own regular assignment.  It was fun last year to get to see all of the plays for free - all we had to do was hand out programs and occasionally help patrons find their seat.
We do the last Friday night of each run, which after tonight I've decided is not a good thing.  There is only one day left of the show and if its a really good show we don't know to tell people about it until its almost too late.  Such was the case tonight.
The opening show this season is "The 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" and it was outstanding!  I went in expecting it to be good and it was GREAT!!  So entertaining, so funny.  They call up 4 volunteers from the audience to be a part of the spelling bee and that is just so funny - how quick the actors are to pick up on what the new spellers are wearing and work them into the dialogue.
I HIGHLY recommend going to see this show - TOMORROW!!  Matinee at 2:00 and evening performance, closing night at 8:00 pm.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Golf Lessons

Paul and I were out back practicing our golf swings, getting ready to go golfing for the first time this year and it was September 1st.  Jared and Kamryn joined us and had their first golf lesson.  Paul is a very patient teacher, which is a good thing.  They did pretty good for their first time but they found it very frustrating and haven't gone back out since.  We need to get them back out there.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cooking with Dusti

We had a super fun young women's activity tonight - a cooking/baking night with Dusti.  Her daughter is coming into young women's soon and she offered to do a cooking night with the girls.  My dad was very nice to let us use his big kitchen for the activity.  The first thing Dusti taught them was how to make pizza dough and then they were able to make their own personal pizzas.
Then she taught them how to make really yummy buttercream frosting, her own secret ingredient recipe.  And taught them how to frost them so they look really fancy.  YUM! YUM!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Awesome Concert

I didn't even know Keith Urban was coming in concert until a few weeks before - when I drove by a billboard downtown advertising his concert.  I called Susan to see if she wanted to go and she said sure, we should treat ourselves!  The only bad thing about getting tickets so late was they weren't the best seats but that was ok.
It was a great venue, Usana Outdoor amphitheater.  I love going to concerts outside. It was perfect weather and such an interesting place to people watch.  There were 2 opening acts and we missed the first one.  I told Susan I couldn't take that much country music.  I love Keith Urban but don't really love country music.  Keith is way more a rocker than most people realize.

a view from out seats

i'm really bad at selfies

it was hard to get a good picture with my phone
 Keith puts on an awesome concert!  I would definitely go again!!  The coolest thing he did was bring a girl up on stage when he saw her sign that it was her 16th birthday.  He took a selfie with her - best birthday present ever!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Family Night Fun

We try to do some of our family night activities on Sunday
since everyone is usually home on Sunday

We still have not properly celebrated Taylor's birthday
which was a week ago

So he picked the game and he chose
Settlers of Cataan

Jared was excited to play on his own this time
Kamryn and I were a team

She did a great job keeping track
of all of our commodities

The crazy thing about playing this game
is that Justin always wins

He manipulates all of us
and somehow we always let him :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Homecoming 2014


Taylor's gorgeous date, Abi

all ready to go and just waiting to leave

I think they make a very cute couple
They work together

Abi showing her cute shoes
that her mom was nice enough
to search for in every shoe store

at the gathering house for the group pictures
I'm so lucky that Taylor let me come

Cannon's mom getting the group organized
or leading them in a song :)

a little like herding cats

great group - just missing one couple

waiting for the last couple to get there

Mallie and Luke

Whitney and Tevin

Abi and Taylor

Kailee and Justin

Madi and Evan

Morgan and Logan

Myranda and Thomas

how do you put this on ??

look there's an elastic and it goes on my wrist, phew

last couple got there and doing the whole flower thing

its really challenging to put a boutennaire on a shirt

they were going to Macaroni Grill for dinner
then off to the dance
after party at Tevin's house

Hope they are all having a great time!