Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blast at the Beach

tuesday morning we took one last trip to the beach
before flying home.
We all had a great time and hated to leave.

All of my beach boys

Quick family picture
(my regular camera broke the day before we flew out, so sad)
so this was taken with our video camera.

Kamryn having more fun with her daddy.

Jared went in the water some
but preferred the beach and building and digging in the sand

Brooke hanging out in the shade

Paul loves the beach and had a great time with his kids

Jared with his last creation - a hole!

Florida Fun

The start of our huge shell collection.
I've never seen so many shells at one beach. Most of them were about the same
but we found some unique and fun shells.
All of the kids got into collecting their own shells and came home with big bags of them.

Kamryn at the beach the first night we went there.

Beach buddies

Trying to get a picture of them together

My cute beach buddies

Taylor out in the surf.

Kamryn's castle

Brooke is a real beach beauty

Florida sunset

Another trip to the beach, this time in the morning.

Justin, a real beach dude!

Paul was pretty bummed that there was really no surf
but once he bought a snorkel and mask he had a great time exploring.

Kamryn loved swimming out in the ocean on her own and with her daddy

Justin and Brooke both loved going to the beach and had just come back from exploring.

Kamryn is a real fish and loved swimming in the calm ocean.

Brooke and Jared with Justin in the background.
You can see all the shells in the water.

the ocean was so calm it was like a swimming pool.
taylor and paul had fun skipping rocks.

this picture should be at the beginning.
this was at the opening ceremonies to the soccer tournament.
it was very hot and LONGGGGGGGG!
Jared and Kamryn were very good sports
about waiting for Taylor's team to come out on the field.

This is at the very end of the tournament.
these are the 2 teams that played for 3rd and 4th place.
Taylor's team and a team from Virginia.
The Virginia team won the game 3-1.
The funny thing about this team is they had the exact same blue jerseys as our team.
It was very confusing the first time we played them to remember which team
was which.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Lazy 4th

We had a very lazy 4th of July.
We arrived at Ft Lauderdal Airport at 11:30 pm on Sat night. We were picked up by the hotel shuttle and went to a pretty mediocre Days Inn for the night. In the morning we had some "breakfast" and picked up our rental car and then tried to go to church.
We have a problem with getting to church when we're in Florida. The last time we were here (3 years ago) we made an extra effort to travel on Sat so that we could go to church on Sun. We got to the building and they were having a regional conference that ended 10 minutes after we got there.
Well, this time we got to the building just before 11 and there were no cars there at all. Strange. I checked my info and the meeting started at 11:30. There was a park next door so we let the kids play over there and watched for cars to start arriving - they never did. One couple walked up to the church and we went and asked them if they were in that ward. They were just visiting like us and had just called and found out that the building was closed due to construction inside and that the ward was meeting across town, still at 11:30. By this point it was 11:20 and we were going to try and find the building but once we got on the freeway I realized we would never make it. So we headed north to West Palm Beach where we are staying for the week.
We got to the Residence Inn well before check in time but lucked out and found our friends from our ward who are staying here also and they let us hang out in their room until we could get into ours.
The kids got sucked into a Star Wars marathon that was on all day and night. We spent the rest of the day in our room watching Star Wars, getting unpacked and settled in. We were going to try and go to fireworks but the twins fell asleep and Taylor said he'd rather watch Star Wars, plus it was raining.
Pretty exciting,eh?

Sunday, July 04, 2010

No Camera

I've been having trouble with my little digital camera ever since Kamryn was playing with it and did something to it. I got it working and all was okay until I sent it to scout camp with Paul. He took several pictures and then it stopped working again. He got back the night before we left on our vacation to Florida. I could never get it working so I'm on vacation without a camera. That's just wrong. I can take still shots with our digital camera but its not as easy.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Can you believe its July already?!

I cannot believe its July already. I'm kind of glad for a two reasons.
First of all, we leave on our family trip to Florida in just a couple of days and we're all excited for that.
Second, I'm glad to be done with the daily prompts. It was fun and different but I'm ready to do something else. I'm behind on regular posts but figure I'll catch up while we're on vacation.

This morning I went with Justin to get his SENIOR pictures taken. Can you believe it????? It really made me feel old to see him standing there in his orange cap and gown. Wasn't it just the other day that I was wearing my cap and gown for the very same high school?? We just did the photo shoot at Life Touch and it went pretty well, considering how much Justin did not want to do it. He was a very good sport about it and I think they turned out okay, from what I could tell just looking on the cameras. Life Touch has a pretty cool studio for senior pictures with lots of different theme rooms and back drops.