Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Craziest Summer Ever!!

All of our summers are crazy but this one might have been the craziest yet!

We crammed it full, with lots of fun and memories, late nights, adventures, and fun, fun, fun!!
Here's some of what we did: (not in any order)
  • Had Brooke's farewell and got her ready to go off on her mission to France
  • Went to girls camp for the whole week
  • The very next day drove to Southern California for Taylor's soccer tournament and last family trip all together.  Loved being at the beach and watching soccer games
  • Got back from California and then took Brooke to the MTC on Wed, 3 days later our French student Camille arrived to stay with us for 3 weeks
  • While Camille was with us we went to Bridal Veil Falls and Heber to have lunch
  • Went to a Bees baseball game and saw the fireworks after the game
  • Went to Airborne
  • Did a downtown tour
  • Played night games
  • Went to a family reunion in Pine Valley (in the mountains outside of St George)
  • Hiked the narrows in Zions
  • Went to our family cabin in Brighton
  • Went on several hikes
  • Played kickball at the park for FHE
  • Made sure Camille tried lots of  AMERICAN food like burgers and fries, pizza, smores, Hawaiian haystacks, ice cream, slurpees, African ice and got her addicted to Dr Pepper
  • had nerf gun wars in our house at midnight
  • youth conference with 3 French girls joining us
  • a combined family FRENCH dinner put on by the French girls
And I'm sure much more I haven't remembered to list.  I'd really like to blog more in detail about this summer but who knows if that will happen.

Bridal Veil Falls

Our wonderful French girls

Our ward youth Conference

Truman Family Reunion in Pine Valley

Doin' the Downtown Tour with Camille

Our Family hiking the Narrows

Our family at the MTC with our favorite missionary