Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Volleyball is a big focus in our family right now. We are enjoying watching Brooke play for Brighton. i have been very involved being the team mom for the sophomores. I spent the last 2 days working on taking pictures of the volleyball girls and teams to use in the display case by the gym. The girls helped me get it all up today. I forgot to take my camera with me today so I could get a picture of the finished project. next post. These are some of my favorite group shots:

The sophomore's team attempt at a pyramid

all of the sophomores that play for Brighton - on 3 teams

The freshmen that play for Brighton

The sophomore team

The great coaches
Adam, Kathy and Katie

The Varsity Team - the girl they are holding is Lori Mendenhall, the only senior on the team.

The JV Team having fun

The Juniors just hanging out

Sunday, October 04, 2009

M-I-L update #4

Its been a couple of long days since i wrote last.
On Thursday Carolyn was moved to Highland Care Center, a nice enough place. John doesn't subscribe to regular medicare so she didn't qualify for Aspen Ridge. I am learning quickly that medicare is very complicated.
The move itself was quite taxing on Carolyn and it exhausted her. She is in a shared room and her first roommate was quite crazy - either schizophrenic or severe ahlzheimer. So her 2nd day there she changed rooms and now has a very pleasant roommate. She is faring pretty well and keeping her spirits up, which is very remarkable considering how much pain she is in.
I have been there every day and I usually take Jared and Kamryn with me. They love to color and cutout pictures for her and hang them up in her room. We took Halloween decorations to put on her window.
Its going to be a long haul and we just try to get her through each day.