Saturday, April 11, 2015



funniest picture - not sure what's going on here with Taylor and Sarah

cutest couple for sure

This was the greatest group ever!!
They were so fun and cool about all of us parents there
hanging out to take lots of pictures

Trying to get a good group photo - but it was just too windy

There, that's better



Taylor's good friends - Logan and Leah

Such cool kids - love them!  They had a blast at PROM!

Easter Egg Hunt

My good friend Desiree invited us to their neighborhood Easter egg hunt. This was especially nice this year because we were going to be on a trip over Easter and not doing any of our Easter traditions.

 It was a fun hunt and all the kids found lots of yummy filled eggs.

Career Fair

 We received an email from Brighton High School a few months ago looking for presenters for their school-wide career fair. I asked Paul if he'd be willing and he said sure.  So he signed up and was one of over 30 presenters for the school.

at the welcome ceremony with the assistant superintendent and principal
students were assigned to each presenter to welcome the presenters and show them around the school


Paul's host student introducing him to the first session of students


Paul did a great job explaining his job to the students and had a great powerpoint presentation showing some of the cool projects Layton has built.

Just some random photos

what a nerd!  This is how Paul came home from work - LOVE this man!

He's also a super funny guy
wearing a fish hat Jared won at school

Kamryn wearing her flying pig hat
she got as a reward for school fundraiser

funny girl

ABOVE photos - BEFORE Jared got his eyes dilated

BELOW - after eyes were dilated
He was a little obsessed with the size of his pupils
and how long they stayed that way

Showing off his new glasses