Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Skype with Brooke

I was able to take these 2 short videos when we skyped with Brooke.  Of course I wish I'd taped the whole thing.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

 Kamryn all dressed up on Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve we always have pizza and shrimp for dinner.  Paul's dad joined us this year.  After dinner we watched the animated Grinch and Mr Krueger's Christmas.  Then it was time to open THE PRESENT.  It's our family tradition to open one present on Christmas Eve and its always Jammies.
This year I did change it up a little - Paul and Justin got underwear cuz that's what they sleep in.  Taylor also got underwear but I threw in some pajama bottoms but as you can see I really messed up on the size (I frequently bomb on Taylor's Christmas eve jammies).

and this one is always uncooperative :)

wearing both pairs of jammies at the same time

Jared only got pj pants cuz he never wears a shirt to sleep in

Getting a good picture of these 4 yahoos is next to impossible

Justin helped make our traditional breakfast casserole
 How it looked after Santa came:
He always leaves your presents by your stocking.


 Jared and Kamryn wanted to leave something different for Santa this year.
They made him a nice sandwich and then cut it out in a santa shape.
They also got him a caramel apple.
And then put some cookies in a bag for Santa to take back to the elves.





 It seems every year we put our tree somewhere different.
I really like where we had it this year.  We might have finally found the perfect spot.


In our email from Brooke before Christmas she told us she would be able to skype sometime between 7-9 am.  So some of us were up and ready to skype before 7.

 Kamryn woke up at 5:45 - so excited I guess. But she fell asleep on the couch waiting for the call.

 Paul spent his time waiting listening to music.

Just after 7 we saw that Brooke had logged on to skype so we knew her call was coming. I got the boys out of bed and we were so happy when that skype call sounded.  We were all downstairs so we could put her on the big screen.

One of the best parts of our call was listening to Brooke and Justin speak French together.  

 Brooke wanted her boyfriend Andre to be there for the call. It worked out really well and it was fun to see Brooke light up when it was Andre's turn to talk.

After our hour that went by way too fast, with Brooke, we started our Christmas morning.  Everyone got spoiled of course.  Here's the main Santa gift to:
Kamryn - American girl doll bed and clothes
Jared - real bow and arrow with a target
Taylor - PS 4 controller and a nice sweater
Justin - bendable tripod and Ross gift card
Lisa - wireless speaker for my office and a flip belt for running
Paul - tools and a NOSE HAIR TRIMMER.  He's an old man now.  The best gift of the day were the reading glasses he also got.

 It was a wonderful Christmas and a pretty mellow day.  We had Paul's dad and sister over for the afternoon and the kids were so happy that it was a white Christmas and they all went out sledding.  In the evening we met at my dad's house all together like always.

Andre came over the day after Christmas and taught Jared how to play Pokemon

Life-Long Friends

I have such a wonderful group of friends.  We've been friends since 6th grade, and most of them friends longer than that.  Every year we have Christmas party, ever since then.  the last few years we've done a My Favorite Things theme and its so much fun.  We get such great gifts of love from friends we love.  Its one of my highlights.
We went to Chili's for lunch and then went to Lisa's new condo for dessert and our gift exchange.
We decided we are getting "old" when we give each other mouthwash, lotion and beauty products.

so love these ladies

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kamryn's dance recital

Every year Kamryn has a fun Christmas dance recital
This year her dance was to
Nuttin' for Christmas
She did a great job!

Kamryn with her cousin Katie who also danced at the recital

Back to Bethlehem

Our ward Christmas party was a Back to Bethlehem breakfast.  I helped set up and decorate and it turned out pretty awesome.

Everyone was encouraged to dress in Bethlehem style.  I was impressed with how many ward members really got into it and dressed up.

Ladies that helped with the party

Kamryn at the breakfast
She was part of the angle choir for the primary nativity play

the awesome missionaries serving in our ward
I had to take this to send to their mommas

Our family was all there but sadly we did not get a family photo all together