Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

I've been thinking I should post more often just about random, everyday happenings.
**On Sunday our YW lesson was about traditions. The lesson suggests to use the opening from Fiddler on the Roof where Tevya (sp?) is talking about tradition. The MiaMaid counselor actually showed that part of the movie and Brooke said she had never seen the movie. So we borrowed it from my friend and watched it Sunday afternoon. We had no idea it was so long - at the intermission we thought it was over - good thing we kept the DVD playing so we could continue watching. After 2 1/2 hours Brooke said "This is a freakishly long movie." When I asked Taylor if he liked it, he said "No, there was too much singing!" Guess I should have told him it was a musical.
**I haven't said much about Brooke's volleyball this year. I don't take pictures because with my camera they don't turn out too well. She's played great this year and has really been a very consistent player on her team.
**What do you think of your 9th grade son getting a "C-" inn gym? I just found Justin's report card today - he never gave it to me. I'm not too happy with that kind of grade in an easy A class. I'm trying to decide what to do about that.
**The other day I walked in the kitchen and Jared and Kamryn were all set up with the haircut station (just like when I cut the boys hair - the folding chair in the very spot I use in the kitchen). Thank goodness it was just a giant care bear in the chair that was the victim for the haircut.
**When I asked Taylor about his soccer game last week (which I missed because I was at Brooke's volleyball tournament) he told me his team won 4-2. I told him that was great and his reply "They would have lost if it weren't for me." I asked him if he played goalie and he said no - defense the whole time because his coach said he's the best defender and his team can't handle the defense without him.

Shopping with Twins

Today I went shopping with Jared and Kamryn - I must have been out of my mind :)
Actually they were very good. We went to Ross and DSW (right next to each other) to return some things. That went okay - if you call Jared and Kamryn making it to the back of DSW while I am returning my shoes and I've just told them that they had to stay by me.
They were much better in Ross and stayed with me even after I returned my items and decided to look at some bedding.
Then we headed off to SuperWalmart. I never take them there. I usually only go there with a big helper to do a huge shopping or by myself.
They both wanted to get in the cart which was a huge blessing. Unfortunately there were no limo-length carts to be found so we had to use a regular cart. I bought some cheap basketballs and Jared sat on one of them the whole time. I think that really helped for some reason. I only had 3 things written down on my list but had a whole mental list that I figured I'd keep shopping for if they were good. We ended up filling the cart and they stayed happy - yeah! And the total only came to $200.00.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Proud Parent

I received this note in the mail the other day. What a great feeling to know that my daughter makes a teacher happy.

It's hard to read the note so for those that are interested this is what is says:
"I just wanted you to know that it is such a pleasure to have Brooke in my class. She is an excellent student who always gives her best. :) Mrs Bleak"

This is Brooke's art teacher.

(I really have no idea how to do this scanning thing. I need lessons.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Integri "tea"

Just wanted to share what we did for Young Womens last night.
At the beginning of this year we adopted 8 grandma's in our ward. Each grandma has 2 grand-daughters (young women). The girls have heart attacked the grandma's and met with them to interview them about their lives.
Last night we had a tea party. We had discussion questions (slips of paper rolled up in a vase as the centerpiece) at each table about integrity. We had appetizers, muffins and white party punch for our "tea". To conclude we had a group discussion about our definition of integrity and some of the grandma's shared experiences where they showed integrity. To close, we played the Integrity song out of the I walk by Faith song book.
It was a successful activity and was very nice but didn't take a lot of work. Luckily we borrowed the decorations and some of the ideas from the RS Education day we just had last Saturday. The colors were yellow and purple and it looked very springy. My daughter even said it was the best activity we'd had in a long time. My only r
egret was I forgot to take pictures.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tagged ... Again

I was tagged by Janice.
"Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages) 2. Turn to page 123. 3. Find the 5th sentence 4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog 5. Tag 5 people
The book I am currently reading Empire Falls by Richard Russo (a Michelle recommendation). "I could use some company."

Here is my response:
I am reading A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. (book club selection for this month)
"I bet he got sick," I said, clutching Weaver's arm.

I tag Ashley, Cynthia, Susan, Amy, Michelle.

If You Give A Mom a Muffin

Check out this post on Susannah's blog. Whoever wrote that should publish it - it's so TRUE!!

Jury Duty

I received that infamous summons in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
It was for one of the worst weeks possible, of course.
I called last Friday after five to see if I had to go in - and I did, of course.
So, Monday morning I got up extra early to get in my exercise before getting ready and then took Trax downtown to the SL City Court. I felt like a real grown up for a day - commuting and going to work. It was fine for a day but I'm sure grateful I don't have to do that every day.
Justin stayed home from school to watch Jared and Kamryn (he volunteered and I figured he knows if he can afford to miss school or not).
I was called along with 43 other people to fill 8 jury spots - 4 jurors each for 2 trials. Pretty good odds of not getting picked. They split us up into two groups and my group went into the courtroom (after waiting almost two hours) to begin the jury selection process with the judge and attorney. The defendant was representing himself. He was charged with trespassing on a dwelling and public intoxication.
The judge asked the group several questions and if you answered yes then he further questioned you on that specific question. The only one that I answered yes to was "Do you for whatever reason, NOT drink alchohol?" I figure that was my go free card because I wasn't picked to be on the jury. I was relieved to not have to spend the rest of the day there but it also would have been interesting to hear the case. I'm so curious to know how it turned out. I was paid my $18.50 for going in and am now safe from jury duty for 2 years (except in a federal court).

Friday, April 11, 2008

What happens when you're on the phone!

This is what happens when you've been chatting on the phone.
I was talking to my mom and she asked where Jared was. I said I didn't know. She didn't ask about Kamryn because she could hear her singing right by me.
We continued talking and as we were finishing our conversation I said I better go check on the kids. The funny thing was she'd asked about Jared and I didn't know where he was so you would figure he would be the one getting in trouble - oh no!
I found Kamryn, still singing, under the kitchen table. I get down to see what she's doing under there and find her with blue hands!
She did not enjoy the washing it took to get the blue off and then she did it again later in the day with a red marker ( I guess she was giving "the rivalry" equal coverage, or maybe Justin gave her the red marker).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Tag!

I was personally tagged for this one so I guess I'll comply:

1.What is your most embarrassing moment?
I've told this one many times but probably never here on my blog. It was when I was waitressing at Marie Callender's 20 years ago (hard to believe it's been that long). I had a big tray of drinks to serve to a table full of business men in suits. I was walking up to the table and stopped behind one of the men who had his back to me and didn't realize I was there. I took off the first drink and it unbalanced the whole tray and it slipped and spilled all down the back of that guy. I felt so bad. I don't remember anything after that minute.

2.What is something that you think about and laugh at every time?
This blog entry on my sister's blog:
"This might seem like a weird thing to put in my blog but if I don't, I will forget it. I was sitting on the couch when Jaxon came home from school today. He came over and sat next to me and hugged me. Then he said "Mom, I love your boobs, they are so cozy." I got a good laugh out of that one. Later on when I told Dale about it, he said "Like father, like son". Sorry if this offends anyone!"
I laughed about it the whole day after reading it and still chuckle when I think about it.

3. What is you favorite season and why?
SUMMER!!! I love to be outside and be active and be tan.

4.Who is your hero?
My mom - she never complains and is always willing to help out with anyone, she never gossips or finds faults with others, she's easy going and kind. The list is much longer but I'll leave it at this for now.

5.What have you learned throughout your life that you would share as advice for others?
To have fun!

6.What is your favorite goofy thing that your spouse does which makes you fall in love all over again?
His laugh! I especially love watching him watch Kramer on Seinfeld.

7.What is your favorite book(s) of all time?
I don't think I could pick a favorite - I've read too many (and can't remember details).

8.What is one of your pet peeves?
Drivers who don't signal!

9. Where has been your favorite place to travel and why?
A tie between the Disney Trip where we go to Disney World and then on the Disney Cruise
Playa del Carmen in Mexico (south of Cancun)

10. Add a question of your own! -- "What is one item on your "bucket list?"
To run a marathon.

**I tag - Cynthia, Stephanie Ward, Susan, Amy and any others who would like to play**

"Big Beds"

On Monday I decided to make some big changes in Jared and Kamryn's room.
Since Kamryn was sleeping in "panties" I felt like she needed to be able to go to the bathroom without trying to climb out of her crib.
So I took apart both cribs and set up 2 toddler beds. We already had one and then borrowed one from my brother and sister-in-law. Luckily they are almost exactly alike - that is an important thing for almost 3 year olds.
Jared and Kamryn were very excited about their new "big beds." The hardest thing for Kamryn was she thought since she was in her bed (playing) she could have her binky (yes, they still have those, yikes!)

They went to bed great on Monday night - no getting out of bed and right to sleep - that's how it is when they are really tired and don't take naps anymore.
Kamryn is a very restless sleeper - I found out that night. She fell out of bed more than once and was in Jared's bed at one point.
The 2nd night went a little better and she only fell out once. They are still in their beds when I go in there in the morning. I know that won't last too long but I'll enjoy while it lasts.