Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation Announcement

I can't believe I have another one of my children 
about to graduate from high school.
I just barely went through this with Justin
and now Brooke.
She graduates in 5 days!

Brooke's art

Brooke's not only an amazing pianist
but also a gifted artist

She's had a drawing class at school this last trimester
and she's really done some amazing work.
This is stipling - lots and lots of tiny dots make up the picture.
She definitely got this talent from her dad.

Students of the Week

At Jared and Kamryn's school each week there are students of the week.
The grades rotate the weeks and a couple of weeks ago it was first grade's turn
Each 1st grade teacher pick a student from their class to be the student of the week from their class.

Jared and Kamryn were chosen from their class
 to be the last students of the week for the year

This is what their teacher had to say about them
and it was up on the bulletin board in the main hall
for everyone to read

They were pretty excited about being chosen
student of the week
and were proud to wear their hats

Great Gardeners

Jared and Kamryn have been very interested in helping out in the yard this year.
They were excited to go out and WEED
and then couldn't wait to help plant the flowers

They did a great job
and made some nice patterns with the flowers

Spring Soccer

Jared with his medal 
he got at the end of the soccer season
(I was at race for the cure so I missed his last game
and didn't get a team picture)

Kamryn with her team
at their last game

He's a sleepy boy

Jared is just like his dad - he can fall asleep in an instant
 and can sleep anywhere

this one is my favorite
i came home from a meeting
to find him asleep like this

Mother's Day

I had a nice Mother's Day - just no pictures from the day.  Paul and I have been looking for a temple picture for our home for a long time and we finally found one we both really like.  My mom gave me some money for mother's day (that seems really backward but I'm very grateful for it) and I had some reward money at Costco so I bought this beautiful photo of the Salt Lake Temple.  I love looking at it every day.

Celebrating their birthdays at school

Jared at school on the day before his birthday

Kamryn at school the day before her birthday

I try hard to help Jared and Kamryn feel special on their birthdays.  This year their birthdays were on a Saturday (the day before Mother's day) so it was kind of a crazy weekend.  Their teacher and class celebrated on Friday.  They each brought in a treat for their birthday - their class loved that.  Jared brought mini brownies and Kamryn brought mini red velvet cupcakes.

Race for the Cure

My sister, Susan, and I did Race for the Cure last year and it loved it so much we wanted to do it again.  She organized a great team and even had these shirts made for us - the back says:


 We got to the starting line a little late and had to get going right away.  Once we got over to the sidewalk we found some room to run. Susan and her trainer friend Amy really took off and cruised.

 This was the last time I saw Susan.
She kicked my trash

 I tried to get a shot of all the people out running
for this great cause

 This little girl was so cute
She was out running ahead of her dad 
and she was going fast
I tried just to keep up with her and it about killed me

 At the finish line

Showing that I was running 
in Celebration of my mom

1st Grade Mother's Day Picnic

The tradition at Jared and Kamryn's school in first grade is they have a mother's day picnic.  We had a great picnic and had a fun time together.  They'd been wanting to have SUBWAY so I picked up our sandwiches and then met them out on the lawn for a nice time in the sun.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

My poor family has been very sweets deprived.  I've been doing a weight-loss challenge for most of this year and so I don't make desserts very often and I don't have treats in the house.
So when I brought this one strawberry trifle home from a RS meeting they all descended upon it like vultures. It was funny watching them.