Thursday, August 31, 2006

stomach ache

I've just come home from a new kind of pack meeting and man did it give me stomach ache. I'll try to spare most of you the long story and just say that our stake is going to a stake cub scout pack meeting. I've never liked the idea from the first time I heard it and I really don't like it now that I've come home from the first "pack" meeting - an info meeting for parents and a very boring meeting for the cubs. After about 30 minutes they finally had the den leaders stand up to be introduced and then they called out their cubs and each den went into a room to get to know each other and work out a little skit or song to come back and present in 15 minutes. (why didn't they have the scouts excused to do that at the very beginning). Meanwhile the parents have to stay for more BORING meeting and heated discussion about whether to continue with belt loops and who should pay for them and whether or not to have treats at pack meeting and den meetings. I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS PROGRAM BUT I'LL TRY TO SUPPORT IT.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Park date

This morning several women from our ward met at Anzak Park with our kids. It was great to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. It was fun to watch the kids play and we all enjoyed visiting. Jared and Kamryn seemed to have a good time and were only clinging to me towards the end of our time there. We hope to do this regularly - as long as the good weather lasts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

1st day of school

I've been abandoned - my great helpers have all gone back to school. They didn't seem overly excited about going back - we had a super busy summer and they weren't quite ready for it to come to an end. And I'm really going to miss them and all of their help. Jared and Kamryn are really going to miss them. All they have is me and that's not enough apparently. They both want to sit on my lap while I'm here at the computer. You would think they could play with each other but that is not really working at their age. I got out a bunch of new toys for them to play with but that didn't last long. I guess I'll have to go and play with them - I just wanted to print up a new calendar and a new job chart for the school version of jobs. (not as many so they can concentrate on school). Hopefully my big kids are having a good time at school.
Side note - Brooke did get into the Honors Language Arts class - She scored very high on the reading comprehension test she took. I had to go in this morning to find out - the counselor thought he had called to let us know but he didn't. Thanks for making me stress about it all weekend.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Double post

So, when you blog in the wee hours of the very early morning, it's a little crazy. Sorry for the double post. I'm still trying to figure this site out and it's keeping me up. I've got to let it go and go back to bed and see if I can sleep. Good night.

To explain

To anyone who might be reading this and noticing the crazy hour that I've been up posting - let me explain. I couldn't sleep and decided to get up and check a few things on the computer (email, powerschool, etc) and one thing led to another and now I'm trying to get back into blogging.

To explain

To any of you who read this and notice the hour that I've been doing this - I couldn't sleep and got on the computer to check a few things (email, power school, etc) and one thing lead to another. I'm really going to hate myself in the morning.

Trying a picture

I'm most frustrated with blogging lately because I can't figure out how to add pictures. It was so easy with my MSN site when we were with MSN. Ever since we switched to Comcast I haven't been able to add picture to my MSN site. So this will be the real test with blogger - to see if it's easy to add pictures. So here goes (wait just a minute)
So it took more than a minute but the photo is there. Aren't they cute?

New Blog site

I can't access my old blog site anymore so I'm trying blogger again. Hopefully I can figure it out better this time.