Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bon Voyage

Brooke left on June 12th for a 2 week trip in Europe.  She decided 18 months ago to go on this trip with teachers from her school.  Her AP European teacher, Jodi Ide, takes a group of students every year over to Europe to actually see the sights they've studied about.  Brooke's AP English teacher, Jenn Mattson, also went this year and then another English teacher that Brooke had never had as a teacher.  There were about 30 students that signed up to go on this trip.  It is organized by the teachers but they go with an actual tour company, EF Tours.  Brooke saved her money from working as a dining room serving at The Coventry (an independent living center for seniors) and paid for the whole trip herself - which was $4000.  We did pay the downpayment of $300 for her Christmas present when she first decided to go.
She's been gone 2 weeks now and comes home tonight.  We can't wait to hear about her trip and see all of her pictures. She was able to text us once a day to check in and just give us a sentence about the day.  It seems like she's had a great time and she said she's sad its over but is excited to see us :)

Brooke with her friend Lydia
at the Salt Lake airport before leaving for Rome

Pool Goal

Jared suggested that it be a goal this summer to go to the pool at least once a week.  I agreed that was a good goal but already we have not met that goal - we didn't make it once this last week.  You'd think that since we live right behind the pool that we would go every day but life is busy and there is always something going on.
This is from one of our pool days the week before - they don't always get treats but they did that day.
They are both good swimmers and have fun in the water.  Its even more fun when we meet friends there or go with cousins.  Hopefully we'll have more pictures to come in the next few weeks.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Schedule

We've been having a pretty good summer so far.  Jared and Kamryn having been doing a great job on their summer "job charts."  Every morning they look at their chart and they check off the following:
  • get dressed
  • make bed
  • eat breakfast
  • do homework book
  • read for 30 min at least
And then each day they have extra jobs to help with.  I've told them they can play on the iPad once they are done with all of those things, but they can only play the iPad for as much time as they read first.
We've gotten a lot of ideas from Pinterest to add to our summer schedule and fun.  One idea was this part of the schedule:
  • Make it Monday - some type of craft or project
  • Time to read Tuesday - our weekly library trip
  • What's Cookin Wednesday - make some type of food together
  • Thoughtful Thursday - some type of service
  • Field Trip or Fun Friday - go somewhere, get out of the house
So last week we made and frosted sugar cookies and then delivered them to friends and Primary teachers and neighbors.  We had a lot of fun doing the cookies and the kids couldn't believe we actually made cookies and I let them eat the dough (they kept sneaking more and more too)

Kamryn's favorite cookie that she decorated

Layton Lagoon Day

We are very lucky that Layton's summer party is at Lagoon, otherwise we would probably not get to go.  It's a lot of fun to take Jared and Kamryn there because they have so much fun.  This year Taylor came with us and that was really fun, and helpful too.  It was like having a 3rd adult there.  At one point he took Kamryn on the white roller coaster and The Wild Mouse - man she's a brave little thing.  I went on the wild mouse with her too and the whole time I was saying "I hate this ride" and she was saying "I love this ride".  We all had a great time and were there for 12 hours!

Taylor and Jared on the flying aces, one of our favorites

Paul snoozing while we were at Lagoon A beach in the afternoon

Taylor and Kamryn on the swings, another one of our favorites

Paul flying with Kamryn, she's a crazy pilot

Taylor and Kamryn going on the ladybug drop

Jared is still pretty timid with a lot of the rides so he spent a lot of time waiting for Kamryn

Kamryn and Jared on the kid swings
At one point she got off one of the kiddie rides and said
"did I have to go on that"
she's pretty brave and done with those little kid rides

Kamryn on the swings - again
We had to go again when it was dark - even more fun


Taylor even got a picture of me


New Mountview Park

A new park just opened pretty close to our house and we went to check it out recently.  We were watching Jake and Kyson while Katie was having surgery so they joined us at the fun park.  One of the great features of the new park is the splash pad.  The boys had a great time getting wet and trying to shoot other people with the "water gun"

great summer fun

Summer Select Soccer

Taylor is playing on an AYSO Summer Select Soccer team again this summer.  We really love being involved with the summer select team and this year is no exception.  Its a great team again with lots of great players.  They've played in 2 tournaments so far and took 1st place at the Cottonwood Heights Tournament at the beginning of June.
Taylor takes this soccer business seriously

He frequently plays keeper - i think he does it just to make me nervous

Chillin with Scott

Team cheer

BBQ and Baseball

On June 11th we got together for a family BBQ and Baseball game.  Susan hosted at her house and then we went to the park right by her house for the baseball game.  It was pretty fun and we've got enough older kids that we can make 2 pretty decent teams.  We also had a good cheering section and I was lucky enough to be the photographer :)

Jadon and Susan

Check out that stance from Paul

Shella and Joel - 2 beauties

Love that smile!

The kids cheering section

the adult cheering section

"you're gonna play and like it!"

Way to go Parry

Jaxon is a serious pitcher

Granddad even had some good hits

Kyson took his turn pitching

Batter up

Taylor having a good time at 3rd base

Granddad's typical sports face

Hyrum hittin' it

Kyson getting a little coaching from his Dad


reachin' for it

Paul tryin' out a golf swing

I love these next 2 photos - 

Like father, like son

Susan's an awesome Baseball Mom

Comin' home

Another good hit from Granddad



Jaxon showing us his pose

Being serious now


this is how Taylor plays in the outfield

Paul going for the homerun hit

and coming home to big cheers

Thank goodness for the fun playground


Katie and Taylor having a blast

cute cousins

Our gathering happened to be the day after Brooke and Dale's birthday and just before Rachel's birthday so we had cake and sang happy birthday to all of them - combined ages was 62!