Friday, August 31, 2007

A Good Book (with caution)

I just finished reading a very controversial, compelling book. My Sister's Keeper was one I didn't want to end and I keep thinking about the characters and I've talked with several people about the subject and what they would do in the same circumstances. I would pick it for book club because it would create great discussion. But I can't because there is way too much use of that very bad R-rated word. Why do authors do that?? It is so frustrating. I'm writing her an email today to ask her why. She's a great author and I've enjoyed other books by her but same frustration - bad language! So I recommend it if you can handle some bad language.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

3rd day of school

Just to report on the school year so far
**all 3 kids say they are happy and have good teachers and good schedules.
**Justin is going to have a lot of homework this year.
**Brooke is having home study during 7th period for the 1st semester. We had a much better meeting with the other (now permanent for us) counselor at the school. She spent 45 minutes with Brooke (while they were several kids waiting to see her) trying every option to figure out what she could do during 7th period. We finally ended up with home study during 7th due to "volleyball practice". I guess it's better than taking a class she's not at all interested in with a terrible teacher.
**Jared and Kamryn seem to understand that it's back to school time and don't really ask about their siblings much during the day. We've had a good two days so far.
** I haven't accomplished as much I'd like to but that's okay.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Twas the night before school

You would think with a title like that I would have some clever little poem about school starting tomorrow but I don't. I'm just not clever.
I can't believe we're embarking on another school year. It is just amazing how each summer seems to just fly by and each year flies by faster than the last.
I have a good feeling about this year. Justin is in 9th grade and actually looking forward to the year. When his dad asked him class he thought he would enjoy the most and Justin said all of them. He's got a pretty tough schedule and I hope he survives all right.
Brooke is in 8th grade and her schedule is also a good one - except she's short one semester elective class and due to schedule conflicts may end up taking an online high school class. I'm meeting with one of the school counselors tomorrow to figure it out.
Taylor is in 4th grade and seems to have a wonderful teacher. We met her at back to school night last week and I was very impressed. I've already set up my volunteer time in her class - every Tuesday. I didn't volunteer at all last year and I missed it.
And this is the first year that I'm not feeling all depressed, panicky and stressed out having my helpers leave me. Jared and Kamryn are 2 now and life is a lot more manageable with them. Right now they are playing downstairs in our newly created play room/family room and they are getting along very well (for the most part). It's now that I really realize how great it is that we had two together at the end. Thank goodness for a built in playmate.
I made a list of projects to work on this week (and a long term list too). I really hope to be organized (or get that way in the next couple of weeks) and accomplish a lot this year.
Now, I better get these two little tikes to bed. They napped until after 6:00 so they weren't ready to go down at 9:00 like everyone else. Taylor has already been out saying he can't sleep. Do you remember those nights before the first day of school?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know these go around a lot but they're fun. I was tagged by Ashley. I tag Janice, Paige, Melinda and Michelle.

Jobs I've had

1.Waitress at Marie Callenders - loved it!!

2. Marketing assistant at Raging Waters - fun summer job right after my mission.

3. Secretary for Student Affairs at the College of Nursing at the U.

4. Cashier at Bakers de Normandie - first job!


1. Cabin

2. Camping

3. St George

4. San Francisco - most recent

Movies I put on Repeat

1. The Fugitive

2. Return to Me

3. Wedding Planner

4. How to Win a Guy ...

Guilty Pleasures

1. Milky Way midnight

2. Chocolate/Vanilla pudding swirl

3. Blue Bunny Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate

4. Snoasis - Orange Pineapple with cream

Places I've lived

1. SLC, UT

2. San Diego, CA

3. Tucson, AZ

4. Phoenix, AZ

Places I've been on Holidays

1. Playa del Carmen for Thanksgiving

2. Cabin for 4th of July - every year

3. Cabin for Christmas - only once but it was great

4. Cabin for New Years - favorite place to do new years eve

Favorite Foods

1. Cafe Rio salad

2. Bajio sweet rice and green chile chicken stuffed quesadillas

3. Paradise Bakery's fire roasted tomato soup

4. Citris Grill's grilled cheese sandwiches and yummy sweet potato soup

First Kiss Location

In the guy's car, stopped at a red light - don't recommend it.

What I've Been Meaning to do

Well, it's been too long since I posted last. I've been meaning to post every day since we got back from our camping trip and just haven't done it.
I sat down late one night to post some pictures from our camping trip and just as I was loading the pictures from the camera onto the computer we had our flash flood.
And then life has continued to be super busy -
**I spent the better part of a week cleaning out our storage room. This was a MAJOR project and one I've meant to do for years and have finally been forced to do it because we are getting new windows in the basement and the window in the storage room was covered up with shelves which were filled up with STUFF. I did some major runs to the DI and the recycle bins and that room is in much better shape.
**We spend last Saturday and Monday cleaning out our garage. There was stuff in the "attic" area from when the house was built, I think. It was so nice to get rid of all that junk. This project was spurred on because the county clean up dumpsters will be here this Thursday and we want to make full use of them.
**We're trying to cram in as much as possible these last few weeks of summer. School starts next week so we're trying to get work and fun in.
**Watched two movies recently - one in the theater and one on DVD. The first one was Becoming Jane - new movie about Jane Austen. I really liked it but the daughters with us didn't like it - too sad. The one on DVD was Miss Potter - about Beatrix Potter. Very sweet movie that I really liked and highly recommend.
**Also took a couple of nights last week to watch The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy so that we can go see The Bourne Ultimatum. Now we're just trying to figure out a time to do that.
Hopefully, soon I'll update about our great camping trip.