Monday, June 22, 2009

Overheard from the Bathroom

sunday morning I overheard this conversation in the bathroom:

kamryn: "Kyson goes to the bathroom like this"
jared: "yeah, he stands up but I don't stand up"
Kamryn: "i'm going to go to the bathroom like Kyson"

I then hear her go to the bathroom on the floor.

Kamryn: "my panties are all wet. I better throw them away."
Jared: "i'll go get mom"

Hopefully she learned that girls can't go potty standing up.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

thoughts from a 4 year old

The other day I was driving in the car with Jared and Kamryn.
Kamryn said to me:
"Who built Jesus?"
I said:
"Heavenly Father"
Then she said:
"Who built Heavenly Father?"
I said:
His father (hoping that didn't go much farther)
Then she said:
"Who built me?"
I said:
"Heavenly Father"
Then she proceeded to ask who built Jared, Justin, Brooke, Taylor, Mom, Dad, Grammy, Grandpa, Grand-dad, Grandma, Phoebe, Aiko, Olivia, Josh, Leah, Kyson, Rachel, and Meghan.
I answered the same everytime:
"Heavenly Father"
Then she said:
"Heavenly Father built everybody!"
I told her she was right.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Phoebe, Jared, Olivia and Kamryn at their last day of preschool.

Jared and Kamryn have grown up so much during this preschool year.

Kamryn wearing her graduation cap.

Jared showing off his graduation cap.

Phoebe and Jared getting ready for their graduation party.

The whole class posing in front of the Bengal tiger.
(check out Jared and Kamryn in the photo)

Mrs Hardman asking Jared what his favorite thing is.
He ended up telling her blue is his favorite thing.

Mrs Hardman asking Kamryn what her favorite food is.
She said chicken.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A little Kamryn story

My sister's family invited us to go to Mountain Mike's for pizza tonight. The place had games and gumball and prize machines so all the kids were asking for quarters. We told them we didn't have any (or at least enough for all the kids to have one). After Kamryn asked me the 2nd time for a quarter, her uncle Dale told her to go ask that man over there for a quarter, never dreaming that she would really do it. To all of our surprise, she went over to the nice man enjoying dinner with his wife and little baby, she asked him for a quarter. We were all dying. She took the quarter, put it in the prize machine (like a gumball machine but full of little prizes) and got the perfect thing for her - a little ring with a pink stone. She was in heaven. I told her to show the man and say thank you and she did. I went over and explained how shy she is and that we couldn't believe she actually did what her uncle suggested. After that she started telling all the kids to go ask the man for a quarter. Luckily he was finished with his dinner and got out of there quick.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Jared's Ocean Encounter

Life's a Beach

For the 2nd day of our trip we went to Laguna Beach for the afternoon.
While we were driving there the kids fell asleep so Paul and I enjoyed exploring the coast and checking out all the great views and homes.

Jared braved the waves with his dad and got all wet.
Kamryn loved playing in the sand.

Jared with his dad showing off "chichen-itza" that Paul built.

Kamryn and her dad. Ever since we went to the mayan ruins near Cancun 12 years ago, Paul always builds this mayan temple whenever we are at a beach.