Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Personal Favorite

Sue, the redneck

We're BAD

Parry, Dale, Lisa, Paul
Susan, Paul S and Justin


Susan hurt her back so she just watched the 2nd battle

Took a few for the team

the paint went right through Paul's mask

On Monday at Aspen Grove we had the chance go paintballing! It was a BLAST! We were really lucky and got to do 3 rounds cuz no one was signed up after us. You had to be 18 so Justin was the only grandkid that got to do it. We all felt like kids again and would love to go again.
PS Thanks to Susan for the pictures.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brooke's Belated Birthday

Brooke in one of her new dresses

Showing off her other new dress

Brooke's 17th birthday was a crazy busy Friday - she was at Lagoon with a friend and the boys had a soccer tournament in Brigham City. Then we left the very next day for our Aspen Grove family vacation so we just celebrated today. She said she just wanted to get a new summery dress. So she and I went shopping at the mall today and found these 2 great dresses - isn't she beautiful. We actually found several dresses that she looked so cute in and it was hard to choose. I wished we could have gotten all of them.
Brooke is a beautiful girl - inside and out! She is a treasure and we are very lucky to have her in our family. She is very mellow and not into typical girl dramas. She's very responsible and works hard at home, school and her job. We love listening to her play the piano, its like we have a professional pianist in our home all the time.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We're Converting

... 2 of them anyway.

Our family just spent an awesome week at Aspen Grove. There is so much to post about and over 600 pictures to go through that this is going to take a while to get more details on here.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Kindergarten Graduates

Kamryn and silly Jared
on the last day of Kindergarten

The graduates
(self portraits with graduations caps)

I can't believe kindergarten has come to an end for my babies. They've had a great year with the MOST AWESOME teacher EVER! I'm sad I won't have any other kids for her to teach. I told her I'm still going to volunteer for her next year.
Jared and Kamryn have learned so much and are excited for first grade and eating lunch at school. They have made a countdown calendar for how many days until first grade. They are working on learning their lunch number already.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My 1st Graduate

Justin, the morning of his graduation
he's a very casual graduate
he's a good sport too
letting his mom take lots of pictures

Justin with Kamryn and Jared

don't they look like great buddies


Justin and Brooke
he makes her look so small

what great kids!
thanks to Justin for setting a great example

Justin decided he wanted to go to
The Cottonwood Cafe to celebrate his graduation
We went for lunch so that everyone could go
We also celebrated Brooke's 17th birthday

Justin opening cards from his grandparents
His Grandma and Grand-dad gave him $20-11 for graduation
(a $20 bill and 11 $1 bills)

Justin was pretty excited about our graduation present
that we gave him
a new camera!

Since this is our first graduate
we're newbies to the whole thing
justin was supposed to be there an hour early
so I was the only one there that early
we didn't realize that would be the only chance to do pictures
with him in his gown

Justin with his "wardy" friend, Mackenzie

good buddies

Justin walking in during the procession

all of the graduates
somewhere near 600

After graduation
Justin with his grandparents

add in his Dad

and his mom

Justin with his Honors Diploma

We are very proud of Justin and excited that he is done with high school and moving on to new adventures in his life. He is a great son and will do great things in his life!

Kindergarten Field Day

Kamryn in the sack race

Jared doing bubble burst painting

Kamryn with her friend Gracie
doing a 3 legged race

Kamryn getting ready to start another 3 legged race

Jared playing Red Light, Green Light

Kamryn doing the sponge relay game

Kamryn with her friend Ellie
waiting for the turn on the obstacle course

Jared racing on red light, green light

Jared doing parts of the obstacle course

jared playing hot potato with water balloons

The two afternoon kindergarten classes
at the end of field day
with their popsicles

I usually dread helping with field day at school and haven't done it for years. But since I'm the room mother for the kindergarten class I had to help. The great thing at their school is field day is just by grade and not the whole school out there on the same day. It was so much better this way. Luckily there were enough mom's helping that there were 2 at each station and I just got to do the timer and blow the whistle when it was time to rotate. That's my kind of job :)
It was fun to watch the kids all have a great time outside and luckily the weather cooperated.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Girl Quake

all dressed up
for her dance recital

Kamryn did a great job in her recital this year. She was in 2 dances and my favorite was to a song called "Girl Quake" I still need to take a picture of her in that costume and add it to this post. Her teachers, Miss Liz and Miss Chelsea, are the greatest teachers and make dance so much fun for Kamryn. It was so great to see Kamryn excited and smiling up on the stage. The best part was after the recital when she caming running out all happy and jumped up in her dad's arms.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Great Gardeners

Since my flower gardens were so successful
last year I was really anxious
to get flowers planted again this year
We've had so much rain this spring
that's it been almost impossible to even
work outside.
I had a 2 day window with no rain
where I was able to get the areas
ready to plant
get the plants
and get them in the ground.

Jared and Kamryn were very anxious to help me plant
all the flowers.
They were great helpers
and it was fun to work outside with them.

They love to plant
but they also love
the bugs and worms
they would pick them up bare handed
and inspect them.

hopefully they continue to be interested
and help out through the whole summer