Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jedi Apprentice

Jared wanted to watch the Jedi Training Show. So we did and it was AWESOME!
He got picked to be one of the trainees and he was in the show.

Darth Vadar challening the trainees to come to the dark side with him.

The Jedi Master working with his apprentice.
I couldn't believe jared actually went up on the stage in front of everyone.

He did a great job and fought Darth Vadar.
(video coming soon.)

Where the Fun Never Ends

jared and Kamryn driving Goofy's car in Toon Town.

They thought this cake and balloons were real and were for their birthday.

jared loved the pirates ride, especially when we ended up in the pirate store.

More Disney Magic

To meet any of the characters at the park you have to stand in line of course. Mickey is the only one we stood in line for and this is why. Kamryn was too shy to talk to Mickey or be good for a picture. So we didn't get to see any of the other characters this time around. We did see them all in the parade and that was fun for the kids.

Thank goodness Kamryn was happy in a picture sometimes.

I can't believe I actually went on this ride. i don't do spinning rides but the kids wanted to go on the tea cups. So I just kept my eyes on Jared's shirt. The kids loved it.

I survived.
Jared is wearing a birthday badge that he got when we bought our tickets. He and Kamryn got in free since it was their birthday. He wore his badge all day and it was fun having the Disney cast members always tell him happy birthday by name when we walked on the rides. kamryn also got a badge but only had it on for about 5 minutes and then I put it on my pack.

Fun at the Park

The kids were excited to go on all the rides.

Kamryn loved the carousel. Before that we'd been on the Snow White ride and that was too scary for her - it was dark and there was a bad lady there.

Jared didn't get quite as scared on the rides as Kamryn did but he was nervous on some of the darker ones. He also loved the carousel.

Kamryn, Paul and Jared

On the way to Disneyland

Jared and Kamryn were so excited to go to Disneyland. We had them go to bed early (early for us was 9:00 pm) because we had to get them up at 5:30 am. They had a really hard time settling down and were so excited that they didn't go to sleep until about 11. They had already decided that they wanted to go on the plane in their jammies so that made it easier in the morning.

Luckily the flight wasn't full so we each had a row. And it was great that Jared and Kamryn each got a seat by the window.

Kamryn really wasn't too unhappy. She just doesn't like her picture taken.
They were both great on the plane. Although even on a short plane ride Kamryn asked a couple of times if we were almost there.
They also wanted to know if the plane was going to take us to Disneyland. We explained to them that we would land at the airport and then rent a car to drive to Disneyland.

We actually ended up renting a van which was really nice to have all that space. Kamryn had fun riding in the back all by herself.

We picked up Disneyland brochures at the car rental place which was fun for the kids to check out while we were driving there.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Jared got this killer whale swim toy from Paul's parents. He loved it.

Kamryn modeling her new birthday jammies.

Jared showing off his birthday pjs.
Kamryn got a cute little "hello kitty" castle from her grandparents but there is no picture to show because Kamryn REALLY doesn't like her picture taken. Justin, Brooke and Taylor gave the kids the Disney edition of the game Memory, which is a favorite game right now.
My parents gave Jared and Kamryn spending money.
The big present that Paul and I gave them was to take them to Disneyland on their actual birthday. They were very excited to go to Disneyland, even though I don't think they really knew what that meant.

Party Time

Kamryn with her princess cupcakes.

Jared with his spiderman cupcakes.

With boy/girl twins it makes for interesting birthday celebrations. Even if I wanted to do one cake or theme it would be impossible. But I'm always going to try to follow my BIL's advice and have separate cakes for the twins on their birthdays. This year it was a small family gathering to celebrate so we did cupcakes. That worked out really well for making what the kids wanted. Jared is all boy and wanted spiderman. And Kamryn is all girl and wanted a princess cake. Thank goodness for Zurchers.

Happy Birthday to my 4 Year Olds

Kamryn and Jared with their birthday balloons showing
how old they are now.
It's going to take several posts to cover the birthday celebration for Jared and Kamryn this year.
It all started on Monday evening when we celebrated their birthday at home with our family and grandparents. Jared and Kamryn were very excited for their party. They loved the balloons, presents, and cupcakes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today was a great mother's day.
First of all, I got to sleep in until 9:15!
Then everyone got up and got ready without any problems. We were ready early enough that we got to walk to church. It was a beautiful day. I really enjoy walking to church with my kids. Its a good time to talk to them. I just wish Paul could walk with us.
It was fun to watch jared and Taylor go up with the primary kids to sing to us mothers. Kamryn wouldn't go up. She's just too shy these days.
After church I made dinner - what I wanted. i've decided it's just easier to have a nice dinner on mother's day if I decide what I want and then make it. And I would rather make it and then have someone else clean it up. We had meatloaf, roasted potatoes, and squash. Then some brownies later for dessert.
We went to visit at Paul's parents and then to my parents. It was just a relaxing, kick-back day. My kids gave me a new phone for my bedroom and Brooke got me a movie. And my mom gave me some money which I will use on an upcoming trip.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Girl Friend Getaway

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go with 2 girlfriends to Women's Conference at BYU and then on to St George.
Women's conference was great. We enjoyed the classes, esp the one with Ruth Todd. We decided this should become an annual tradition but go to both days of the conference and get a hotel in Provo and enjoy a short getaway. I even met Rachelle from this famous blog. I also met up with my friend Paige and we were able to go to a couple of classes together.
We finally left Provo around 8:30 at night for St George. That is a short drive when you're with friends and you have lots to talk about. We got to Desiree's house around midnight and proceeded to stay up until sometime after 2:00 talking some more.
On Friday we went to look at the model homes in Coral Canyon. It's always fun to dream. We did some shopping and even saw the Butler family from our ward while we were out. We went to dinner at Red Robin and then went home and watched a couple of movies.
On Saturday we went to see a TERRIBLE MOVIE! DO NOT GO SEE IT!! We were excited to see Matthew Macaughnahey's new movie and we were so disappointed. We should have left it was that bad. We went home and watched Bride Wars which was much better.
It was so great to hang out with great friends, sleep in and just relax.