Sunday, April 06, 2014


I got this idea from my friend's blog and decided to copy :)
Some random photos from my phone:

these boys are all playing the same game, but not together
its called 2048 and its highly addictive

Taylor out running the high school track at 7:00 am
(I happened to be subbing at the school that day so I could spy on him)
He's going to miss a lot of GYM so he has to run to make up days

Justin with 3 sisters from his mission
We went to a fun family gathering the other night
for families of missionaries from the Lyon France mission

My life was recently turned upside down
when i was called to be the YW president
This is my awesome presidency
Amy, Ann, me, and Melody

And our awesome advisers
Sarah, Jenny and Alison


Jared worked really hard to finish his WOLF requirements for cub scouts 2 months early (before turning 9 and moving on to BEARS)
He was very excited to get his badge and pin at pack meeting.  Kamryn got a photo of us - with Jared pinning on my mother's pin.  We missed getting a photo of just Jared - I will add it later when I get his badge sewn on.  I love that he was motivated and excited to do well in scouts.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Favorite Smells

Today's journal prompt in Jr Honors English:
"List 10 smells you LOVE"

  •  Cookies baking
  • Brownies baking
  • Rain in spring time
  • Pina colada (mostly sunscreen at the pool)
  • Coffee
  • Grilling chicken
  • Bath & Body lotion (several kinds)
  • Gardenias
  • Bread baking
  • chocolate