Friday, May 17, 2013

Skype with Elder Adams

So the very best thing about mother's day is that missionary phone call!
Justin had only been in his current area for about 10 days and only 1 Sunday to meet some member and find some that would let them come to their house on our Mother's day so he could skype with us.  In his email the Monday before  he had it all set up - I was so impressed.  He told us he would be calling at 6:00 pm his time which would be 10 am for us.  Our church is at 9 and so this was awesome for me - it meant I could sleep in on Mother's day (we went to my brother's ward later in the day because he was speaking and gave a great talk).  Justin called pretty much right at 10 and we had a really good connection this time (the Christmas connection wasn't good at all and we ended up just doing audio with him that time).  Its so great that we can skype and see him - plus its FREE!
We talked to him for an hour and it was GREAT!!!!  Jared and Kamryn talked a little more this time and when it was 10:27 we sang Happy birthday to Jared and then at 10:28 sang happy birthday to Kamryn.
We talked about our trip to France next spring and got justin's input on it.  We also asked him what his plans are for school when he comes home - I don't think it got him too distracted or worried.
He told us the area is awesome - the first city he could picture himself living in if he lived in France.
It wasn't too hard saying goodbye - and the next time we talk to him will be at the airport :)

check out that smile - what a happy kid :)

taking a screen shot on the iPad

New Cub Scout

 My newest little cub scout!  (and last one, yay!)
Jared was pretty excited about turning 8 because that meant he could start going to cub scouts.
He went to his very first den meeting this week and LOVED it!  There are about 6 boys in their den (which is 3 wards combined).

 He mentioned that his shirt was kind of big. I told him that's so it fits him until he's 11.  The shirt is in pretty good shape considering both Justin and Taylor wore it too.  It still has all of Taylor's patches on it (its going to kill me to take them off, knowing I will just be sewing them back on)

His first den meeting they were working on bike and street safety.  Good thing he'd recently learned to ride his bike.

Ears Pierced

Kamryn has wanted to get her ears pierced for a long time.  When she first asked her dad he said NO.  That's been over a year I think.  A few months ago she asked me about it again and I told her she had to convince her dad.  She told him she wanted to get her ears pierced for her birthday.  He told her he doesn't want her to do it but if she was going to do it she had to earn the money to do it.  So she's been working very hard to earn the money.  She's done lots of extra jobs at our house and her grandma's house.  She saved up $50.  She had the money and wanted to do it on her birthday but we had to wait until the day after.  She took her new purse full of all of her money and we went to the mall.  She was very brave and didn't even flinch.  She almost cried watching the little toddler get her ears pierced right before her.
Now she is doing a great job of cleaning her ears 3 times a day.  She even made herself a little note for each day and checks off when she's cleaned them.  She has to keep these earrings in for 2 months and then she can finally start wearing the cute earrings she got for her birthday.

Happy Birthdays, Happy Mother's Day

 It was fun to share mother's day
with Jared and Kamryn
on their special 8th birhtdays

 with my mom on mother's day

we had fun singing happy birthday 
and putting 8 candles each in their cupcakes.

Happy 8th Birthday Kamryn

Happy Birthday to my cute girly girl!  Kamryn is all girl in every way - loves accessories, dresses and pretty things.  Also can be a bit emotional at times.  She always shares and is a good friend to everyone around her, especially to those that are lonely and really need a friend. She's fearless, a beautiful dancer and great helper to me.

I love you my little girly girl :)

Happy 8th Birthday Jared

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sweet 8 year old.  What a great age - young and growing up at the same time.  Jared is smart, thoughtful, silly, timid sometimes, helpful and fun and so much more!  He's a real thinker and frequently asks me very deep questions.  Such as:
"would you rather be poor and have a family or rich and be alone?"
The other day he said "One of my goals is to be a better kid."  I told him that would be a hard goal because he's already a great kid.  He told me he was trying to do better - like get his homework folder out for me to sign in the morning without me asking and having good manners and things like that.

I LOVE YOU my sweet Jared boy!

Birthday weekend

Jared and Kamryn's 8th birthdays happened to fall on a Sunday, which was also Mother's day.  So we celebrated most of the weekend.  They voted on going out to dinner at chuck-a-rama on Saturday night.

Since it was a busy weekend, we didn't get to open their presents until 10:00 at night on Saturday, the night before their real birthday.  That was fun!  And then they stayed up until 1:00 am playing new video games with their big brother.

being a silly 8 year old

what cute birthday kids!

Kamryn modeling her new purse

Kamryn with all of her presents

Jared with all of his presents

Recent YW Activities

I am the personal progress advisor for our young women.  I am always trying to find the ways to help the girls work on their personal progress.  I teach a lesson every other month and we do one of the value experiences.  We recently did Knowledge #3 where they had to memorize the 13th Article of Faith and then go to a museum and see how it relates to that Article of Faith.  Luckily the church history museum has a wonderful exhibit that was an art competition last year for the youth of the church based on the theme "Arise and Shine"  There were some wonderful art pieces and so many talented young artists's work displayed.

This was my favorite

our cute young women that came on our art field trip
 Our stake is going on trek this summer and one of our last activities was helping the YW make their aprons, which of course they can use for personal project.  We just did the cutting out for one activity and our next activity will be sewing them together.