Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweethearts Dance

Taylor can be a sweetheart (most of the time he is)
so it's appropriate that he was asked to go to Sweethearts Dance.

Maddie was his date.
This is how they were dressed when they left
because of course they needed regular clothes for the rest of the date

Some of the group

Maddie and Taylor
ready for the dance
Taylor said it was the most fun he's ever had at a dance and that was because Maddie was really fun to dance with.  I'm glad he likes going to the dances and gets into the social scene of high school.

I love GREEN

I love the color GREEN!  Most of our family's favorite color is GREEN. So I had to change my blog design a little early.  I love St Patrick's Day and for me the month of March is all about GREEN.  It must be that spring is coming and GREEN is coming back :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Brooke's Mission Call

So this week we have been anticipating Brooke's mission call coming.  Her bishop thought it would come Thur or Friday.  I thought back to when Justin's call came - very similar type week with a Monday holiday and it came on Wednesday.  So I really thought it would come Wednesday.
I had to work on Wednesday and Brooke usually has a late afternoon class on Wed and gets home around 4.  So when I got home I didn't think she was home and decided to check the mail.  There it was - that big white envelope!  I came in the house with it and Brooke was home - she'd taken a test in that class and got home early. I wish I would have known that and I would have had her get the mail - oh well.
She was so excited when I showed her the call and came skipping over to get it from me.  And then she went through the feeling of wanting to open but not wanting to at the same time.
At first she thought she wouldn't be able to open it until the next night and I asked why not tonight?  She explained that her BFF Annee had a night class and that her boyfriend, Andre, had to work until 9:00 in Ogden.  I said she could open it at 10 pm - why not? None of us wanted to try to sleep wondering what it said in the envelope.  So we called/texted and set it up for her to open it at my parents at 10 that night.
Then we had to get thru the evening and try and concentrate.

We went over to my parents with our family, Annee and Andre.  We got the envelope opened up and slid in a piece of paper to cover the letter so that she could read it a line at a time. Then we tried to get all the cameras and ipad ready to record.

this is what her brother does while waiting

 "Dear Sister Adams:
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You are assigned to labor in the France Paris Mission.  It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18 months.
You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wed, July 9, 2014.  You will prepare to preach the gospel in the French Language."

WOW!  We couldn't believe it!  How exciting!!

And yet, it was not a surprise at all when she read Paris.  So cool!

happy girl :)

Annee, Brooke and Andre

We are all so excited for Brooke.  As her mom, I'm so relieved.  I just wanted her to go somewhere that she was excited and happy about it.  And somewhere I felt that she would be safe.  I'm thankful my prayers were answered.

Kamryn's a babysitter now

Kamryn is becoming a great little babysitter.  I have taken her with me twice to my cousin's house to help me watch their kids.  They have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old and just had twin boys at the beginning of February.

Hannah loves Kamryn
 Kamryn will play with the kids and read to Hannah as long as we will let her.
This last time we went she also got to hold one of the babies for a long time.  She's getting in some good practice for when she can be the babysitter on her own.

Kamryn holding little baby Adam

Journal Prompt

I'm here at BHS subbing for one of my favorite teachers and she has a journal prompt for her English students every day.  Today's prompt is "List 10 nice things people have done for you."
I like to do the prompt myself, so here's my list:

  1. Paul brought me a dozen beautiful roses on Valentine's day
  2. Brooke sent me a text thanking me for chasing down the bus for her and Justin the other day
  3. Taylor got rid of a pile of wood, just sitting in the middle of the patio, for me
  4. My friends called and texted to share in my excitement about Brooke's recent mission call
  5. My friend, Emmanuelle, who lives in Paris has been helping me with all of our questions about our trip to France
  6. 2 of my subbing friends helped me out with subbing for 2 teachers who asked me to sub for a whole week and I couldn't do the whole week
  7. Teachers who keep asking me to sub for them which helps me add to my France fund
  8. Justin cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes all on his own, without being asked to do it
  9. My sister always feeds me and the twins when we are at her house on Tuesdays for Kamryn's dance
  10. My friends who provided names for us to do sealings at the temple

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Finished Office

Paul cleaned out his tools and gear from my new office tonight.  Its 99% done - just a few little things to finish up.  But I can start moving in.  I wanted to share how it looks all clean.

He did all of this beautiful woodwork on the window.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

happy VALENTINE's day

We usually have a family celebration all together on Valentine's day - and then Paul and I go out another time when it's not so crowded.  We had a yummy pizza dinner and then it was time for presents.
Paul came home from work with these beautiful roses for me.  I will sadly confess that I didn't react very well - I just feel so bad when he buys flowers on Valentine's day because I know they are so expensive.  I love them and am grateful for the thought but feel bad he spends the money on them.
We got little presents for the kids too - iTunes gift cards for the older kids, colored elastics for Kamryn's rainbow loom, and a set of handbells for Jared (really a late Christmas present that was on back order) - everyone was happy with their gift.  I also got Paul an iTunes card.
For our date, I told Paul I wanted him to plan a really romantic date.
He suggested we go get married again :)  I liked the suggestion and called the Jordan River Temple to see if there were any appts available on Friday and they were completely booked - I guess others think that is a good idea too.  So we made an appt to go Sat morning.  We invited 3 other couples to join us.  It was a great group date and then we went out to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe.  Maybe not necessarily a romantic date but fun and memorable :)

Valentine's Party

This was the first year that Kamryn and Jared were supposed to make their own
Valentine's boxes for their school party.
It was kind of an ordeal and had some drama but it all ended up okay.

They had a great time at their class party and came home with lots of treats :)

Where in the World is Brooke going?

Brooke just met with her bishop and stake president for her final interviews and her mission papers were submitted last Monday.  We started a little prediction poll to make it interesting.  We have this map put up in our entry and every number represents someone's guess.  Her bishop texted her on Friday to let her know her call was assigned.  Now we just have to wait until Thursday or Friday for the BIG envelope to come.

Super Shopper

Jared and Kamryn were invited to their friend's birthday party
at the Discovery Gateway Museum.
Jared had so much fun in the "grocery store"
He's a great little shopper.

Kamryn's Turn to Get Glasses

                                         BEFORE                                                     AFTER

Kamryn had been complaining of not being able to see the board at school for a little while.  Honestly, I thought she was faking just because she wanted glasses like Jared.  After a couple of different times of testing her vision myself - at church reading the hymn numbers, the order board at Wendy's, I thought I should at least take her into the the eye dr.  She was SO EXCITED when it finally came time for her to go to the appt.  She actually ended up truly needing glasses - and so of course, I felt bad.
We went to Shopko and she picked out a cute pair of glasses.  Now 4 out of 5 of our kids need glasses.

Brighton Branch

We were able to spend the weekend at the cabin a few weekends ago.
We were lucky to be able to stay up there thru Sunday so we went to church
at the Brighton Branch.
I love going to church in that small branch
especially with the beautiful scenery.

It's great to watch the skiers while we are in sacrament meeting