Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Happenings

Halloween was a week long event at our house.
Jared and Kamryn dressed up every day for 5 days.
they wore their costumes to story time at the library
trunk or treat at the church
dance class (just Kamryn)
school party
trick or treat at Paul's work
and regular trick or treat in the neighborhood.

Since they got to dress up so many times
they changed their costumes for almost every activity
Above is Kamryn as a princess with her friend Leah
at the church party

Here's Jared with his friend Josh
Jared was the gold power ranger for this party

Here they are their kindergarten class party.
For this party, Kamryn was Snow White
and Jared was a skeleton

At their school there was a parade all over the school
from class to class and ended up in the gym
where there were lots of parents and grandparents
waiting to see these cute kids all dressed up

Kamryn with her friend all dressed up as a witch

Jared and Kamryn with their teacher, Mrs Armstrong

Jared and Kamryn's class after the party

Kamryn as a cowgirl
Jared as Black Spiderman
with their dad at his work.
Layton Construction has had trick or treating for several years at the office.
Its the easiest and warmest way to get your bucket full of candy.

Jared showing off his spider that Justin drew on his cheek

Showing off one of their many costumes

My cute little cowgirl
This was her dance costume from last year's recital
which worked great for Halloween

Taylor all dressed up to go to a party with friends

Jared and Kamryn dressed up with their grandma

The greatest thing about these youngest kids in our family is that they don't know you can go to a store to buy a costume. They just go in the storage room and look in the boxes of costumes and dress ups and pick something to wear.
This year Halloween was really on sunday but we went out on Saturday night to do the trick or treat thing. We were invited over to our friends' house to their party they have every year out in their driveway. they have dinner and hot chocolate and lots of decorations. This year they also had the Utah game showing on their TV they brought outside. It was fun to hang out with friends and neighbors. After awhile, Jared and Kamryn wanted to go back to their grandma's house to help her hand out candy. They loved running to the door when the doorbell rang.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Witches Night Out

This last Friday I got together with great friends and went to witches night out at Gardner Village. We went to dinner first with Melinda and then she had to ditch us. Lisa was also with us for dinner and WNO but didn't want pictures of her posted online.

goofing around in one of the VERY crowded stores. WNO is just an excuse to dress up and shop.
I didn't spend a cent but had fun hanging out with dear friends. We did some serious people watching and were amazed how decked out some witches were. And we wondered about the men there and what motivated them to be there with their wife/girlfriend..

We had fun chatting in this very cool furniture store.

I LOVE this chair and was very tempted to buy it for myself for my birthday.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful evening out together.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Best Present

I came home late this evening to find that my wonderful daughter had cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor! It was the greatest present she could give me. She's a real treasure :)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

School Fundraiser

Today was the big fundraiser at Kamryn and Jared's elementary.
The school was doing a 5K "run, walk and roll" race. The fundraiser part was kids getting pledges for doing the race. I heard that the kids had brought in about $12,000 in pledges!
Jared and Kamryn did their part by asking our neighbor and their grandparents, and of course mom and dad.
They were very excited about the race and to wear their special race shirts and race numbers.

Getting ready to start the race.
Luckily for mom, their was a special 1 mile race course for the young kids.

Brooke came and did the 5K. This is at the end of the race.
doesn't she look great?!

After the race, their was a carnival for the kids to enjoy. Jared and Kamryn had a great time and loved getting their faces painted. It seemed like a very successful activity and hopefully someone we'll have the energy to do it again next year. Its a TON of work!

Monday, October 04, 2010


Justin went to homecoming with Mary Floisand. They are friends and play soccer together. I'm really proud of him for going, esp for spending his "hard-earned" money on a super big date. I think its crazy how long these dance dates are these days. they cram 3 dates into one day.
Justin and Mary and their group of about 12 couples went to the zoo in the afternoon. Then they gave the girls about 2 1/2 hours to get ready. They went to Olive Garden for dinner and then to the dance where they had to stand in line for about an hour to get their pictures taken. After the dance they were going to play Fugitive (also called cops and robbers) but one guy in their group was hurt so they just watched a movie at someone's house. We told Justin to make sure to find out what time Mary had to be home and her parents said whenever and we hadn't given him a curfew, figuring Mary would have one so they were out kind of late. I didn't wait up - just had him text me when he got home. They both said they had a good time.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

American Problems

for the last two weeks, Justin has been participating in the totalitarian simulation for his american problems class. I never took the class when I went to Brighton so its been fun to hear about it from Justin. He made it into the party with just 3 days left which sounds about perfect, considering that other kids were kicked out of the party just before it was over. He told us some pretty funny stories and I think he really enjoyed the experience.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Pink Night

Last night was PINK night for volleyball at BHS
It is a fundraiser for breast cancer research
We had a great turnout and lots of support

this is Tyler -
one of Brooke's coaches

brooke (#17) lining for the sophomore game

Checking out the silent auctions items
lots of cool stuff was donated
FYI - the autographed U of U volleyball went for 3x
the amount that the Y volleyball went for :)