Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trafalga FUN center

Last Monday my kids were off school and Susan's kids were off track so we had a day where we could go to Trafalga in Lehi and use our pass of all passes. We had never been there before so my kids didn't know what to expect. Luckily it was a nice day so we could enjoy the outside rides and mini-golf.

The kids loved going on this frog hopper ride over and over. Just watching it jerk up and down made me feel sick. I think the most fun for them was the coupons we had for tokens and playing games. They all had fun playing the games and collecting prize tickets. And then taking forever to decide what (junk) to buy with all those tickets. They all had a blast and want to know when we're going back again (probably never)


I love the beauty of fall.  I'm always sad to see summer go and have it get colder but I do love the colors of fall.  Paul and I have been able to go out for walk/runs a few times over the last week because he's finally taking some much needed time off from work.  We have really enjoyed the weather and scenery - its so nice to be out in the sunshine running instead of the dark early mornings when I go with my friend Jenny.

Another Ute Game

Paul was given 4 tickets to the Utah vs UCLA game.  I chose not to go (I know, crazy right) since Brooke had her wisdom teeth out that day and I felt like I should stay around and take care of her and not abandon her.  So Paul took Taylor and Susan's 2 boys - Jadon and Jaxon.  Their seats were as far from the field as you can get but they didn't care - they all had a great time.  It was a great game even though Utah didn't win.

He's Legal Now

Taylor finished his road driving and passed his road test with a perfect score!  His teacher said he was one of the best drivers he'd ever gone out with :)  Luckily 2 days later there was no high school that day so I made an appt for Taylor to get his official "temporary" drivers license.  It is awesome that you can make an appt to go to the DMV - we were in and out of there in 10 minutes.  Someone at Paul's work asked me if I was nervous for him to get his license and I said not at all, I'm thrilled.  It is so great to have another driver around to help out with getting the twins places, doing errands and most of all driving himself wherever he needs to go.


Paul has worked for Layton Construction for 15 years.
His boss recently had a little celebration to honor him at work
He invited me and Brooke came along too.
It was nice to see so many of his co-workers congratulate him
for his years of hard work.

 At the milestone years - 5,10, 15
the company also gives a nice gift
Paul's boss enlisted my help in getting Paul
an actual gift instead of just a gift card
I think Paul was pretty surprised when one of the project assistants
walked in with this guitar case
It had a beautiful 12 string guitar inside

 Paul with his boss, Steve
and the new 12 string guitar

 Congratulations on 15 years of hard work !!!