Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve.
We were all home together 
and it was even snowing most of the day.

Taylor having breakfast
Jared and Kamryn helped make cookies for Santa

Paul getting in a little work in the morning
before going out to do his usual shopping
For many years its been our tradition to go to the mall on Christmas Eve - just for fun.
When we first went when Justin was just 1 the mall was deserted and we were like the only ones there.
The last few years the mall has been packed and its amazing how many are there really shopping.
We had fun looking around and hanging out together.

this year we put the big tree downstairs because we don't have enough room in the living room
so we had the little tree upstairs
on Christmas Eve Jared and Kamryn had fun putting all of the presents
in front of the tree - since they wouldn't fit under the tree

Kamryn and Jared in their new Christmas Eve jammies

Jared and Kamryn wanted to sleep downstairs by the big tree 
so they could wait for Santa
they were asleep in about 5 seconds

Our Elf on the Shelf

Our Elf on the Shelf was back for his 3rd year.
His name is Max and he sure had a lot of fun this year.

Tea party with a couple of princesses

looks like he had a hard time pouring some Christmas cereal

in a race with lot of cars

Max thought it was pretty cool that he could play
in a lego house that Jared and Kamryn had built

Max even turned the milk red
Jared and Kamryn thought it tasted better than regular milk

playing master mind with a giant
Jared and Kamryn loved looking for Max every morning, first thing.  Sometimes he was pretty easy to find and other times he was really tricky.  He even brought a few presents this year - like Home Alone 1 and 2 and a fun indoor snowball kit.  We will all miss Max and look forward to him coming back next year.

Helping defend Max in a mini marshmellow "snowball" fight
against all the Christmas stuffed animals

Holiday Happenings

Lots of fun holiday events to post about and catch up on:

Kamryn and Jared playing snowball game

Brooke and I both helped at Jared and Kamryn's class holiday party.  Brooke helped with the memory game center and I helped at the craft center.

Brooke helping the kids play Christmas memory

Jared and Kamryn playing break the ice

Jared and Kamryn playing bingo

That evening we went to our stake's event of a live nativity.  Its an amazing production and it really helps bring in the spirit of the real meaning of Christmas.

Ruth Brown and Desiree Roberts
Desiree is the mastermind and organizer of the live nativity

Taylor was one of the shepherds and was out in the cold for an hour

I love this photo of Joseph and Mary
 Being there and watching the scene with the shepherds, wiseman and the holy family I could really feel the spirit and what those that were actually there might have felt.

Jared and Kamryn all bundled up and GOOFY

Desiree and John Roberts - thanks to them
for an awesome event
 The next day our church youth group went to visit a kindergarten class for a Christmas activity. We've done this for several years and our youth love it.  They read stories to the kids and play with them and then give them gifts.  Brooke was able to come with us too this year.  We love these kids.

Group shot of our youth and the kindergarten kids
On Friday we went to Gardner Village to find all the elves again.
We went last year and had so much fun that we went again.
Jared and Kamryn did a great job finding all the elves

Kamryn trying on fun hats

Brooke got in on it too

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Recital

Every year Kamryn's dance teacher plans the greatest recitals.  They always have a fun theme and the dances are all great.  This year was no exception.  Kamryn's dance class did Groovy Christmas.  Kamryn did an awesome job!  She has really become a confident performer.  Her dad was suprised how comfortable she was on the stage.
It was extra fun this year to have Susan's family there too because Katie is in dance now too.  She is in the 3 yr old class and they are always SO cute.

We always try to get there super early so we can be first in line to get the best seats.
Kamryn spents some of her time reading.

We asked Katie if she was excited and this was the reaction we got.

super cute "belle" dresses

Poor Jared has to hang out with us for hours waiting for the recital to start.
He at least gets fed yummy food and plays on the ipad.

my groovy Christmas gal

cute cousins

doing her dancer pose

after the recital
they both did GREAT!

Kamryn with her dad and the beautiful flowers he brought her

She looks so grown up

happy dancer