Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Utah Football

We LOVE college football
especially going to UTAH games.
We were lucky and were able to go to several games
this past fall season.

Paul was given four tickets to one of the games
and I was super nice and let him take
Taylor and his cousins, Jaxon and Jadon
(it was easy to stay home 
since it was a night game in the cold)

Our awesome friends, Eric and Melody, always take care of us for one game.
This year they set us up for 2 games :)
We went to the season opener and the last game of the season.
Both games the UTES won -
guess I should have gone to all their games.

It was super nice weather for the last day of November
great to be out in the sunshine
not too cold
until the sun went behind the stadium

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