Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Justin coming home

The day was finally here that we had waited two years for - Justin coming home :)
His mission actually went by pretty fast but if you thought about it two years was a long time.  He came home on Tuesday December 10th at 4:30 pm.
I checked Jared and Kamryn out of school a little early so we could go to the airport early - couldn't chance being late.  Everyone helped make posters to welcome him home.
We had a nice little crowd out at the airport to welcome him home.

Jadon was my designated videographer and
Susan and Sandy were my photographers.
It was so great not having to worry about that.

Brooke took all of the great photos and made them into a slideshow for me with a song that is just so perfect.  She gave me that for Christmas and I cried more watching it than I did at the airport.

It was SO GREAT having my kids all back together.  I LOVED Justin's smile!
It was just plain AWESOME!

After the airport we went to dinner at Iggys.  Justin's request was to have a good hamburger, something he missed while he was in France.  Between dinner and getting released we had a few minutes to stop and see my mom, who wasn't up to going to the airport.

It was obviously an exhausting day for Paul :)
Our whole family went to the stake center to meet with President Stringham, who released Justin from his missionary service. He gave wise counsel to all of us.  When we went home we visited with Justin for awhile before he headed off to bed.  It took him a few nights to get over his jetlag and get accustomed to our time.  It was cool to see him up early the next morning doing his language studies (reading Harry Potter in french) and personal study (listening to a conference talk from Pres Monson).  We LOVE LOVE LOVE having him home and are grateful he returned to us in safety.

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