Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Justin's room

I wish I could find the photos of the beginning of this project, but no luck right now (I'll keep looking)
What actually started out to be finishing off part of our gigantic storage room for another room to be my office, turned in to being a bedroom for Justin when he came home from his mission.
The main thinking for that came from me - this new room was empty but smaller than the other bedroom.  I decided it was easier to fix up a bedroom for him from an empty room than one that had been used as a storage room and was full of stuff.
So here's the mostly finished project (still a few thing left to do and Justin's been home for over a month, its how we roll - get to 98% complete and never quite finish all the way):

new paint and carpet

Paul did ALL of the work himself on finishing this room
from bare concrete walls
the view looking out to the closet

Paul did all the closet insert work himself too

nice dresser big dresser I got on KSL

this little corner table is from Paul's room growing up 

Paul calls this the "coat of many colors" bedding :)

Paul also installed all of the new LED lighting
 Its so handy having a handy husband - it may take him awhile to finish a project but he is a perfectionist and does beautiful work.

Sadly I never got another picture with the artwork hung and the rest of the room all set up.  I worked hard to get it all just so for Justin.  When its clean again, I'll take a finished picture.

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The Martin Family said...

Wow! Paul is amazing. It was worth the wait!