Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Festival of Trees

Like I said before, Kamryn performed at the Festival of Trees.  Jared, Taylor, Brooke and I all went to watch her.  And so did Susan, Jadon, Kierra and Katie.  It was fun to have that many people there.  Of course we stayed after her dance to see the trees and get some treats. Its probably not the best idea to take teenage boys there - they are not interested for long enough.  We did get to see a lot of the trees, the gingerbread houses and the quilts.  Here's some of my favorites:

Kamryn in front of this cool tree
made from the plastic that holds 6 packs of pop together

Our Festival groupies

super cool UTES puzzle

awesome baseball tree

Kamryn standing by her dream house

amazing gingerbread houses there
this one is Nelson's Mercantile from
Little House on the Prairie

I think my favorite part is actually all the amazing quilts.
Someday I want to really get into making quilts.

cool countdown quilt

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