Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Next project

The next project wasn't really planned but it started because of me.  Paul is going to get sick of my suggestions.
Since we moved Justin into the smaller new bedroom that was going to be my office, this bedroom was slated for my office.  I saw what amazing work he did on Justin's new room and suggested before I move all the stuff into my new office that he upgrade the lighting and fix the ceiling.  It had horrible fluorescent lights and this dumb old tile ceiling. It sounds simple, but nothing is ever simple with Paul.  If you're going to do a job you should do it right is his motto.  So it turned into a bigger, longer project than just fixing a couple of things - but its going to be nice and its almost done.  The ceiling and lights are all done, the 2 walls fixed and painted and trim went up last night.  Carpet is getting installed next Monday.  More photos to come.

This is the room that we used as a storage room while Justin was gone and we were transforming the storage room into a bedroom.  Of course I don't have a true before picture with it all full of STUFF.  But we emptied it out in one morning before we headed off to fun at the zoo.

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The Martin Family said...

Looks awesome! I need to come see it in person!