Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Favorite Photos from Justin's mission

I haven't really posted too many photos from Justin's mission on "MY" blog but now that's he home and I've gone through some of the photos he and others have sent I have some favorites.  You will notice they are the ones that HE is in :)

3 generations of missionaries
When a missionary trains a new elder he is referred to as the father and the new one as a son.
So here is Justin with his son (middle) and grandson (left)

Justin was lucky to have the chance to serve in the office

This is one of my favorites -
Elder Adams and Elder Adams
Justin knew the new Elder Adams was coming to the mission in Feb and they took this photo then
Then a few months later they were companions in Montpellier

One of the cool things about serving a mission in France
is all of the cool sites you get to see.

Justin with his 2 MTC companions
They all served in Lyon and frequently found themselves together at conferences
and other meetings.

Justin made this streetboard while he was serving in the office.
I thought it was such a clever idea.

Another 3 generation shot -
Elder Frazier trained Justin in the office
and then Justin trained Elder Dampt in the office

just being funny

they decorated this door of a member for their birthday

visiting with an awesome member family

in an elevator

on Bastille Day

These are some funny guys!

Justin eating some fish, which he does not like

at the train station
eating a baguette

at a "last" district meeting before transfers

Justin decided to cut his own hair with clippers that were in his apartment
He forgot to put the guard on and started up the side of his head.

so he had to go to the barber and get it fixed
looks like a marine, not a missionary

this colleseum was right by his apartment in his last area
so cool
notice his hair has grown in some

more funny stuff

Justin with Elder Arrington
they were companions two different times in different areas

these two elders are related
2nd cousins I believe
Their dads are 1st cousins
They'd met once at a family reunion when they were about 10 but don't remember each other

Justin's last companion
the one who "killed" him
mission term for dying, going home

Missions are amazing things.  The opportunity is a great gift from our Heavenly Father.  Its been so great to be able to share Justin's experience and we still learn new things from as he remembers to tell us more :)

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Paige said...

LOVE the pictures. That was one bad haircut he did himself. So funny.