Monday, January 20, 2014

Family Fun

Various photos of family fun in December:

Kamryn and Jared were so excited for the first really big snowstorm we had at the beginning of December.  They got all their snow gear on and played out in the snow for hours.

Jared and Kamryn have been part of their school chorus.
Every Mon and Wed mornings before school they had practice.
At the beginning of December they put on a really fun concert.

A couple of days after Justin got home Paul and I were able to go down to Provo with him to meet
Craig Gandolph, who's son Justin served with in France.
Craig owns Gandolph's deli and it was awesome to sit and eat lunch with him
and let Justin share mission stories with Craig.

That very first weekend Justin was home we went down to St George for a quick weekend trip.
On Saturday we were able to go to Snow Canyon for a fun hike around.

 It was fun to see all the snow in Snow Canyon.
St George had a pretty major snowstorm the week before and the snow was still there.

 Justin with the Truman family.
Tav is Paul's first cousin and lives in St George.
Their son is serving in the Lyon mission.

The main reason we went to St George was to attend 
James Wulfenstein's homecoming.
He and Justin were MTC companions and were lucky to see each other
several times during their missions.
They even lived in the same apartment towards the end of their missions.
It was really great getting to meet James and chat with him and his parents.

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