Monday, January 27, 2014

My Office Update

Can I just say that my husband is AWESOME!!  There is nothing he can't do - if he doesn't know how, he'll figure it out somehow.  We've learned that you can learn how to do anything from videos on YouTube.
He has been remodeling our house - room by room.  He's not fast but he does the best work around, a perfectionist, if you will.  He agreed to fix up one of the bedrooms for me before I move all of my STUFF in. It will be my office/craft room.  He does awesome work and it looks so much better now.  Just a little finishing work to do and then I can move in.

fixing the hall walls before painting
We even got the boys in on the project work - a little demolition work.  They pounded away at the tile window sill and got it all out so Paul can put in a beautiful wood one.

before carpet

before closet is put back together

awesome new LED lighting
so much better than the old fluorescent lighting

happy yellow walls
newly repaired and painted

this is an amazing thing - basement hallway has been full of construction materials for about 2 years.
Now its empty, painted and recarpeted!

my new office
with new carpet

This whole process has been prompted by wanting our family room back.  We used to have a game room in there, with a ping pong table.  And we want to have that again - in addition we'd love to put a pool table in there with a ping pong top.
So if I get this room cleaned out then we can have a fun game room again.  A place for all the teenagers to hang out.
its amazing how much stuff I have
wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, gift bags

I've spent a lot of time sorting thru all this stuff.
Its been a "cleansing" experience
I've thrown away A LOT
taken lots to the DI
and have sorted out lots of things to file
and figure out what to do with it
Hopefully I'll have a finished new office to show off soon.


The Martin Family said...

Wow! It looks SOOO amazing! Paul did such a great job! I am very impressed!

Paige said...

Like the new background!