Monday, January 13, 2014


 It was the "off" year for the Shingletons for Thanksgiving.  As much as I would rather go out on Thanksgiving, I volunteered to do dinner at my parents house so it would be easier for my mom.  Luckily the Byers joined us - its impossible to make Thanksgiving dinner by yourself.
The boys all had a great time playing football while we slaved away in the kitchen :)

Susan and Kierra made these adorable edible decorations
It was great to have Paul's dad and my grandma join us for dinner too.

our cheeseball turkey made by Brooke

and our veggie turkey

with his eyes

Jadon working on BLACK Thursday/Friday
Every year we go out with the masses and do the BLACK Friday shopping thing.  It started out with just Susan and I but as our kids have gotten older we've brought some of them along.  This year we had Kierra, Taylor and Jadon with us.  Sadly Jadon had to leave us at 11:30 to go work the madness at the mall.  It made us crazy that Black Friday started so early this year - we really should have boycotted, but we didn't.  We didn't go when any of the stores opened though - we showed THEM.
We did go to Target, got everything we wanted and were in and out of there in 30 minutes. Kohls was another story though - 90 minutes, but this time we put someone right in line and then took turns shopping and holding our place in line.  Its a crazy tradition but we do it anyway.

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