Monday, January 20, 2014

Max came back and brought ...

Several weeks before Thanksgiving Jared and Kamryn started talking about Max, our elf, and wondered when he would be back. Every year its different - sometimes December 1st, sometimes in time for Thanksgiving even.

This year he appeared in the Christmas tree on the last day of November.  And he brought his sister with him.  He left a note explaining that she is training and that she would be coming to our house this year.
A few days later he brought another note saying that Jared and Kamryn should give his sister a name she would use at our house.  They decided on Lucy.

looks like Lucy and the Santas had some fun at Max's expense

nice little game of tic-tac-toe

nice letter that Jared wrote to Max

hiding in Taylor's closet - Max and Lucy were pretty tricky this year
and often very hard to find.

Kamryn and Jared counting down the days until Christmas.

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