Saturday, January 25, 2014

Strange New Years Eve

 It was kind of a strange New Years Eve for our family.  Most of the time we get to spend it at the cabin but it wasn't our turn this year :(
Brooke was out with friends and so was Taylor.  So our family wasn't complete :(
The worst part was that Paul was pretty sick and in pain with kidney stones so he didn't feel like doing much :(
So it was just me, Justin and Jared and Kamryn.  We got Chinese food to go - something we'd never done before.  Poor Kamryn bit into a really hot red pepper and burned her mouth and now doesn't like Chinese food.
But things improved - we played games and Paul felt good enough to join us in a game.  I didn't think I'd make it to midnight but we all did.
We watched the countdown and blew our noise makers at midnight.  And then I went to bed while the kids stayed up and watched a movie.
Happy New Year :)

We made up for our strange night the next night and played games all together.  We played this new game for our family - TENZI.  Its an easy dice game.

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