Saturday, January 25, 2014


THEME dance is coming up at Brighton
Its one of the more casual dances, boys choice
The THEME this year is AMERICA

Taylor planned this all himself
I helped with the execution of it a little
On the blueberries there are stickers that say "THEME?"
Under the cake, written on the foam board it said
With Tay-Tay (the girls nick name for him)

I drove him to deliver the cake and he was just going to drop it off and ring the doorbell
But her family was all in the driveway and leaving
So I just gave it to her dad and asked him to give it to her
He asked who it was from but I didn't tell :)

She answered him the very next night
He found this hat and huge bag of popcorn on the porch
Inside was a note that said
"Thanks for popping the question
YES I'll go"

Hopefully there will be more pictures to come from the dance

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