Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I've occasionally done the NaBloPoMo thing where I post every day and sometimes I've used the theme they provide. This month's theme is NOW. That's a pretty easy one. The other new thing they are doing is providing a writing prompt each day, M-F. Today's prompt is:
"When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?"
This is actually going to be a short answer because I really have no memories of that. The sad thing is I remember very little of when I was younger. I have select yet specific memories of grade school. My earliest memory is of getting in trouble in kindergarten. I had to stand at a table by myself to do my work. I have no idea what I did to get in trouble.
My earliest memory of wanting to do anything was as a young teenager I told people I wanted to be a truck driver, you know long distance, cross country, semi driver. Mostly I told people this for shock value I think but in my young teen mind I saw it as a way of seeing the country and traveling.
Another thing I remember wanting to do as an older teen working at different part time jobs I decided I wanted to be a caterer and/or operate a reception center. My sister and I wanted to do this together. I still think that would be fun but would take so much work and I'm too old for that now.
In college I took a travel/tourism course and wanted to go into the travel business. I even worked for a travel agency as a courier. I still would love to do this in some way but not really work for a travel agency. One of my ideas is to be the travel person for Layton Construction. I do Paul's travel for work but most upper level guys do their own travel. My idea is to do all the travel and thus save Layton money.
My real desire for what I wanted to be came from an experience on my mission. My comp, Nina, hurt her leg jumping out of a swing on a p-day and ended up having to have surgery. I took care of her for several weeks and in that time I discovered that I really enjoyed it and decided I wanted to be a nurse. When I got home from my mission I went back to school with a purpose (finally) and started on the pre-reqs for nursing.
To complicate matters, I met Paul and fell in love and wanted to get married. When we got engaged we discussed our schooling and decided that one of us in school was enough and I worked full time while he finished up. And then I got pregnant much more easily than we expected and had Justin a little earlier than we had planned but that was ok. I finally realized what I wanted to be when I grew up - a MOM!! It is the greatest "job" ever and involves all of the things I wanted to be growing up - I plan our travel, I do the catering, I've had plenty of nursing opportunities plus so much more. I'm thrilled with what I've chosen to do as I've grown up.


Paige said...

Being a MOM IS the best job out there. hard, but good.

Susan Byers said...

very interesting!