Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday Brooke!

Sign at the high school.

Brooke with her friend Emma. They both turned 16 today.
They played volleyball on the same club team this season.
One of the times we were driving to a tournament we found out that
Brooke and Emma have the very same birthday.

All week Brooke has been attending volleyball camp at the high school.
These are all the girls she has been working with,
along with one boy and her coach.
Since 2 of the girls had their birthday today, and it was the last day of the camp,
the coach told everyone to bring treats to celebrate.
It was a great little impromptu party.

Emma and Brooke with their birthday balloons.

After camp, we all went out to dinner to celebrate. Brooke wanted to go to a sit down Mexican restaurant and we were adventurous and tried a new place that had a good review online. It was a small, hole-in-the-wall type place and we were the only ones there. The grandparents joined us and we had a nice dinner.
After dinner Brooke was nice enough to go to Taylor's soccer game on her birthday. After the game we came home and opened presents. And then she crashed from working so hard all week at volleyball camp.
Brooke is a wonderful daughter and we are truly lucky to have such a great person as part of our family. She's not the typical teenager and we are grateful for that. She does really well in school and even got a 4.0 2 out of the 3 trimesters this year. She plays the piano beautifully and is a really great volleyball player. She's very well rounded and easy to be around. She is a great help around the house. She is anxious to get her license and will be spending all next week in drivers ed.
I love you Brooke!
Happy Birthday!


Susan Byers said...

She's a great kid! You are very lucky!

Paige said...

So cool that her birthday was on the sign!