Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Greatest Fear

Today's prompt:
"What is your greatest fear?"

I've thought about this prompt all day and have decided I have many fears. The greatest one though is of Paul dying young.

Post Edit
I just had a minute when I quickly put this post up. I think I'll add to it now. I've asked this question to some of my family and these were their responses:
Brooke's greatest fear is drowning. I concur with that fear but its not as real to me because I avoid situations where I might drown.
When I told Taylor about this prompt he told me he has lots of fears. I was kind of surprised by that and need to talk to him more about that. The one fear he did mention is that he's afraid of roller coasters. Sad. But he says he doesn't care about them so its okay.
My sisters comment is about her children dying young. I also worry about that. I'm not sure what would be worse, my husband dying too soon or my children too young.
I am also afraid of mice and the dark.


Susan Byers said...

I agree. Having one of my children die young would be just as bad!

Paige said...

My family dieing. That includes husband or kids. Or me.