Sunday, June 27, 2010

Proud Mom

This past week Brooke was away at girl's camp. This was the first year that she went but I didn't go. The first day she was gone I was kind of depressed and feeling sad that I was missing out on the great thing that is girls camp. Luckily the rest of the week I was very busy with soccer tournaments so it was okay.
Brooke and I went on some errands last night and she gave me a good report of camp. It was a good thing for me to not be there so she could really enjoy it without her mom there watching her.
Today she spoke in church as a kind of report on girls camp. The theme for the stake was CUC University - Come Unto Christ University. Then each ward was one of the YW values. Our ward was College of Virtue. So all of the talks today were on virtue.
Brooke prepared her talk all on her own on Saturday morning. She gave such a wonderful talk today and i was so proud of her. The spirit was very strong during her talk and she was very poised and confident. It was such a proud moment and I was so grateful to have such a righteous daughter sharing what she learned about virtue at camp and in preparing for her talk.


Paige said...

You can be proud of her. Megan was gone to camp, too. Next year I'll have TWO girls go to camp!

Susan Byers said...

That is Awesome! Brooke is such a great kid!