Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

It was a pretty mellow father's day around here.
We let Paul have a good nap for most of the afternoon. He's an easy father to please - all he wanted for Sunday dinner was cereal and toast.
For presents he wanted NOTHING - in the past we've obliged him on that but this year we got him a few presents - socks, floss (he only likes a certain kind, the most expensive kind of course), some new ear buds cuz he lost his, and the Ninja smoothie maker (there's a story behind that - someone told him about it at work but it was after mother's day or he would've given it to me for mother's day so instead I got it for him).
We went to visit both of our father's and entertained them with our family's crazy banter.
I am surrounded by great fathers and am grateful for all of them.

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