Friday, June 11, 2010

First Kiss

Today's prompt:
"Tell us about your first kiss"

When I first read this prompt I really wasn't excited to write about my actual "first" kiss. It was in a car with a guy i never should have kissed. Not a good experience for sure.
So, instead I'll tell you about my first kiss that really counted - the first time Paul kissed me.
We'd been on our 2nd date, which was to the zoo. We had a good time and somewhere near the lions he started holding my hand, which I was glad about.
After the zoo I invited him back to my house where all of my Shingleton relatives were over for a BBQ. He was a good sport about being there with that many relatives.
When he was leaving we were on the front porch and he told me he'd a good time and then gave me a quick kiss before leaving. I was kind of surprised he kissed me on our 2nd date but I was glad :)


The Martin Family said...

Awwwwww. Cute!

Janice said...

Chris kissed me on our 1st date.