Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Day

Its been a good day, in fact, its been a really good week.
This morning we went to the Salt Lake Temple to go on a session with the Campbells from our ward. They were in the temple prep class Paul and I just finished teaching and they were going through for the first time. We thought since it was a Saturday it would be really busy but it wasn't - it was the smallest session I'd ever been on at Salt Lake.
Paul and I were asked to be the witness couple which made the session even more meaningful. It sure makes it easier to stay awake. Its always interesting to go on a session with a couple who are going through for the first time - it brings back the first time I went and all those different feelings and emotions.
After the session those of us that were there with the Campbells went to the Lion House pantry for lunch. It was nice to visit.
Tonight we went to my sister's house for a family dinner. We were supposed to play baseball but the weather did not cooperate. We had a good time visiting and watching my dad's video of their recent trip to Atlanta to visit my brother and his family.

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