Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today's prompt:

"In what ways have you become 'green' in the past few years?
Do you think that it has made a difference?"

The biggest thing we do that is GREEN is we recycle. Our recycle can is always overflowing and it just kills me if I have to put something that could be recycled into the regular garbage. Our recycled is only every other week and it really needs to be every week. I am always going around filling up the neighbors recycle can.
We also don't put our lawn clippings in the garbage (I also really wish we had a green waste can like my sister does). We just add them to this big heap of dirt and weeds in the backyard that someday we are going to landscape somehow.
I am trying to get more in the habit of using the green shopping bags but thats really slow in coming. I keep them in the car but always forget to bring them into the store.

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Janice said...

I really have not bought into the whole green movement. I do believe in taking care of our planet but I am not convinced that what little we do makes that much of a difference. I recycle because I like the idea of less stuff in the landfill (and what to do once they are full) and because I like that there are businesses that can make money with the stuff (capitalism).