Monday, June 28, 2010


Today's prompt:

"Tell us everything you know about the day you were born."

I honestly don't really know a lot about it. I know I've asked my mom about it before but I have no firm details about it in my head. I'll have to ask her about it and update this post.
I do know that she first started feeling labor pains around noon and I was born around 10:30 pm. I was about a week overdue and my cousin had been born 2 days before me and my aunt was waiting and waiting for my mom to come share a room with her. My mom had a spinal block and my dad was allowed to be in the delivery room. This was a recent change at the hospital and there is a newspaper article in my baby book about it.

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Janice said...

My dad was in the delivery room with me (and only me). He wasn't allowed during previous times and HATED being there. He said it was difficult to see my mom in that much pain.