Monday, May 31, 2010

Super Soccer

This is one of my favorite pictures of Taylor.
He played GREAT today.
His coach really relies on Taylor running the defense
and hates it if Taylor needs to sub out for any reason.

Today was a great soccer day!
First of all it was great weather - finally!

Taylor's team went into the first game this morning in first place with 18 points.
The red team they were playing had 17 points.

In the game this morning Taylor's team won 6 - 1.

Then the same 2 teams ended up playing each other again for the championship.

I LOVE this shot of Taylor.

Taylor's team won the championship game 5 - 1.
* * 1st place * *
What a great way to start the summer soccer tournament season.
This is great pay off for all those early years of watching soccer.

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