Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not my BEST Sunday

Last night while we gathered together for scriptures and prayers Taylor mentioned that he was giving a talk in church soon. He wasn't sure when or who had asked him. He was very vague about it and that should have been my clue to call the bishop and check up on this. But I didn't - BIG MISTAKE!
So, this morning at 8:00 Paul calls and says he has something for me to do - help Taylor with a talk because he was on the program for today - at 9:00. I freaked out. I tend to do that too much. I told Paul he better be coming home to help him and why didn't the bishop let us, the parents know, and why wasn't there a little reminder call yesterday about this (I know this is what Paul does when he is asking a youth to speak and I thought that was the procedure).
I told Paul to talk to Taylor and that was the last thing I heard. I tried calling Paul back but he didn't answer - I wanted to make sure he was coming home. So I called the bishop's office and the bishop answered. I should've just asked for Paul but I kind of let the bishop have it. (I feel badly about it now). I told him he should make sure the parents know and he said Paul did know about it.
So Paul came home and helped Taylor get a talk ready. The theme for today was your favorite Old Testament story. Paul did a great job helping Taylor and told me to go away to and try to get my head in the right frame of mind to go to church. That of course made me not want to go at all but I did as he asked and tried to calm down.
We made it to church, a little early even.
And you know what, Taylor did a FANTASTIC job! He was amazing and it turned out great, better than if I had helped him for the week. Taylor told the story of David and Goliath in his own words and then talked about how its important to have faith in God and not fear men. He did all of this without anything written down except for a few key words. Then he related a personal story from when he was 5 or 6 and he even got a little emotional about it. He told about when we were living in Phoenix and I couldn't get the stove to light (it was gas) and I was trying to fix dinner. Taylor told me he'd said a prayer and that I should try to light the stove again and it lit right up. He shared this story and then bore his testimony.
I know I'm biased but I think it was one of the best youth talks we've had in a long time.
And I apologized to the bishop and will say sorry to Paul for freaking out. And the lesson I've learned is to go with the flow and leave it to Paul to get things done right. And try to be more mellow.


Paige said...

Ugh. I hate Sunday mornings like that. I'm glad it turned out ok. And we love Settlers of Catan. Have we not played it with you?

Susan Byers said...

Good thing it turned out so well. I would have acted exactly like you did.