Monday, February 25, 2013

i LOVE Taylor

Taylor is my middle child
my 3rd child
there's something about the 3rd child
they are challenging and awesome at the same time!
i LOVE him to death
sometimes he drives me crazy
but mostly he makes me so happy :)
(lately he's really been my favorite, shh - don't tell the others)

Taylor on the first day of 9th grade
Its been a good school year and
he's done very well

these 3 have a unique relationship
Taylor wants to be the big brother
but teases them a little too much
lately they've really all started getting along
and its great when they do

LOVE that smile

i LOVE that he still likes to hang out with the family
especially up at the cabin

i LOVE that he has school spirit
 Taylor is MY child
he's most like me
good and bad
maybe that's why we "argue" so much
just recently we've come to terms with our disagreeing
and have figured out how to have fun with it

Taylor is my SOCIAL one
He has LOTS of friends and is almost always doing something
with those many friends

i LOVE the relationship he has with his sister
they are great friends

Taylor is a great young man
who honors is priesthood and does what's right
He always participates in church activities,
is a good leader and example

Taylor likes to HAVE FUN!


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