Monday, February 18, 2013

i LOVE Monday holidays

i really LOVE Monday holidays so much!  So much that I think we should have one every week :)
Today was super chill and laid back at our house, maybe a little too much.
We did get woken up early with a phone call to come help put up flags in our ward (we were supposed to do take down but someone was sick so we switched).  Taylor and Brooke were super good sports to get up early and go put up flags in the cold.
Then I sat next to brooke while she did her taxes - for moral support. She did them herself and is getting some money back :)
Then we went to Target to look around and Taylor got another controller for our new Wii.
Then we spent the afternoon watching Modern Family - oh how i LOVE that show.  (that should be another post)
We had a nice dinner together and then I took Brooke back up to school. It was so great to have her home for the weekend.
Now back to the real world :(

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