Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i LOVE Modern Family

Seriously, Modern Family is one of the funniest shows on TV.  It is so well written and most episodes have come right from our house.  Those writers are spot on with the activities and relationships of those families.  So many things in that show remind me of my family.
What makes me sad is Paul does not like the show and won't give it a chance.  He tells Jared and Kamryn that it is a naughty show.  Maybe he's right, but I guess i must have my little indulgence.


Paige said...

I don't have the kids watch it with me, unless I have prescreened the specific show. It is LAUGH out loud funny, and one of the things I look forward to watching on Thursday (since I'm not home on Wednesdays.) And how about that amazing race? Did you watch it?

Stephanie said...

We love it too! Matt thought it was probably bad before he saw it too, but I converted him... or ruined him... ;)