Tuesday, February 26, 2013

i LOVE my missionary

i LOVE being a missionary mom
and this missionary sure makes it easy.
He has a very positive attitude,
doesn't seem to be homesick at all
(sometimes I wish he missed me just a little),
has embraced everything about his mission,
writes us awesome letters,
and is very spiritual
(who knew - j/k)

Justin has been serving in the mission office since December
and is doing an amazing job with all of his responsibilities

Its good to see him still having fun
and keeping up with his soccer skills

He has seen some amazing French castles

I love to see him having fun with other missionaries

This one might be the most amazing of all
Before he left he didn't cook at all -
he didn't even know how to make top ramen!
So in one of his areas he and his companion decided to make dinner
for the members.  This was one of their member/neighbors and he made her dinner.
It was all legal since they ate outside.

Justin looking all professional with his bluetooth headset.

Justin is a grandfather in the mission.
He trained the elder in the middle, who he refers to as his son.
Now his son is training the elder on the left
so Justin is a grandfather.
He said he feels so old.

Justin with a cute little boy
in the family where he spent Christmas Day.

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